Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prepare For An Onslaugt of Pictures!

We decided to hunt a Christmas Tree today.

We found a "tree farm" in relatively close proximity to where we live in Colorado.

Now I realize that there are many tree-filled places in Colorado...

This was not one of those.

Have to say it made hunting pretty easy when the pickin's were so meager!

We finally decided to choose the least ugly one we could find - rather than the most beautiful.

Everyone was wonderfully grateful, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or seven beholders).

No one was even a little bit disappointed

especially me, because the Blue Spruce were 12 dollars a foot, but the rest of the trees...

Were 35 dollars apiece.

We did pick the biggest one we could find (I hope our Idaho trees don't see any pictures or they will laugh).

And we cut it really fast so we could get out of the biting cold.

Some of us did a great job looking super cute!

Some of us were fearfully handsome!

Some of us were smart enough to wait patiently in the warm van.

It's a good thing we couldn't find a bigger tree we liked...

We used ever inch of space INSIDE our van for this 9 plus foot tree!

We had a wonderful time together and are so thankful for our beautifully affordable tree :-) (since we weren't able to cut it [for free] from our own Marvel Hill in Idaho)!


Diane said...

I love your new picture at the top of the blog! Glad you found a tree. I was thinking looking at those pictures..."man, I'm gonna look like a woose when I come visit. They don't look nearly as bundled up for the cold as I would be!" :)

Love ya.

Pam said...

Nothing like a real tree and taking the troups out to cut it down! (I'm horribly allergic to pine...grrr.)

I am blessed! said...

Looks like an adventure! Big D just hunts our tree from the attic every year. I know it's not as fun, but it doesn't make much of a mess, which is nice:)

gramsie said...

Wonderful, Ana Dearest! Reminds me of another ugly tree waiting--rejected in the snow with it's top broken out--that became a thing of beauty when you & your beloved found it and brought it home to decorate one Christmas in the distant, misty past....

Loving & Pops

2homeschool said...

We were talking about cutting down a tree soon. I was hoping to hold out a little longer and see if there would be any snow in the hills for the adventure... It's about the only time we make it high enough for snow... Our one snow trip a year. :-)

My hubby almost broke down and bought a fake today (GASP). I know all my fault last time we waited so long we got the tree a couple days before christmas and we never even decorated it before we took it down. :0P Guess, we'll have to try a little harder this time.


Loves, ~Heather

Momma Bug said...

Heather, it is just plain difficult to make those things happen I think.
Life happens.
I hope you have a lovely tree this year surrounded by all your lively little ones!

Loving you,