Friday, November 20, 2009

I Can't Even Keep Track Of ME!

I keep checking my blog only to find nothing new has been posted. This makes sense when I recall that I am the only author, and I have been too tired to type anything creative lately.

Little Brycers finally got the cold the other children are working through. It wasn't a surprise to me - I was expecting to see signs of it every moment from the time I witnessed Carolina cough into his open mouth. If that doesn't share germs I don't know what will!

Poor little fellow has been pretty snuffly at night combined with occasional coughing spells. It's a juicy cough, so I've let him sleep on my chest or in the crook of my arm so I can help him in the night before he gets too worked up.
I can sleep comfortably in all kinds of positions these days, but the sleep is not too sound and I doubt there's much actual rest occurring. This I deduce by the raccoon eyes I see in the morning staring back at me from the mirror. There are other clues as well, but I don't remember what they are at the moment. Too foggy-brained.

Bryce seems to be doing great despite the cold, and the others aw well.
I, on the other hand, woke at 5 this morning with a sore throat. NOT happy Bob... not happy!

You see... my dearest Great Guy returns today. Ten days of him being gone and I really do not want a sore throat! It's not nice to knowingly share germs, and well... I hate to refuse a good kiss if one happens to be offered. Or requested. ;-)

When I woke with the soreness, I put several droppers full of colloidal silver under my tongue and then swallowed it, followed by some GSE throat spray.
I am thrilled to say that my sore throat was entirely GONE when I got up at eight o'clock!
I can tell I'm still fighting off a cold, but no sore throat is a happy HAPPY praise:-) Don't know if it was the silver or the Grapefruit seed extract, but I love them both - Oh how I LOVE them!

So... I was supposed to nap today. That would have helped my cold probably, and I would be more pleasant this evening I bet. Alas, there was a pie that needed baking and that overlapped nap time. AJ is due to appear anytime now and I am trying really hard not to watch the clock - it's like the watched pot that never boils!

If you don't hear from me for another couple days it's because I am resting.
And playing.
And enjoying my family.
And being generally very thankful for all the many blessing the Lord has poured out here in this home!

All my heart~


Pam said...

As my husband like to say "Cool beans!".

J said...

Yay for a husband coming home!!!!! We'll pray for healing so time does not have to be wasted on getting well when he returns! More time for kisses. ;)

I am blessed! said...

I know what you mean, I wrote three or four posts last weekend to take the pressure off for the school week. It worked. I got a few days of light blogging. Now I'm back for the weekend:)

Shauna said...

Enjoy your man!

Diane said...

Yeah for Colloidal Silver and GSE, got to love them. So glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope you are now enjoying time with your sweet husband and family!