Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Must Have Blinked!

How can it BE?!!

Little Bryce - 10 weeks - he's in the double digits now!

New babies don't last long, do they? They grow and change and show you the passing of time like nothing else I've ever seen!
It's enough to make me understand why I find gray hairs on my head these days.

Six children feels alike a lot sometimes, but I can honestly say I will miss the baby years when they pass. I am relishing every moment!

Carolina often walks up to baby brother and leans in next to his downy head, placing her nose in his mop:

"'Mel him momma... 'mel he hair!"
she insists, and I do.

I lean close to her and take a deep whiff of that sweet baby scent. Sometimes I even close my eyes while I take it in.

Oh how soon he will scoot too fast for me to catch. Then I will have to be content to wash dirty little boy paws.

After that comes replacing jeans like nobodies business! Holey knees are synonymous with active man-cubs.

Adventure sums up the life of a lad, and I love to watch them roam and explore the length, width, height, depth, sights, sounds, smells of this earth. To experience the warm summer winds, the crisp bite of autumn frost, the sounds of rain on a tin roof, the sweat of labor, the pride of hard work done well.

My boys. Ah... I love them. Soon Bryce Endurance will join the ranks of the big and the fearlessly bold.

For now, I bury my nose in his soft hair, whisper sweet nothings into his ear, and plant innumerable kisses on his roly-poly cheeks.

This time won't last much longer, and it's not supposed to.
But one day when it's past I want to remember taking every opportunity to "mel" my baby!


Pam said...

You are so right about those blinks, that downy baby hair, and all the rest!

J said...

You have gray hairs????

Momma Bug said...

Want me to count them for you?

2homeschool said...

I love the outfit, such a kick!

I love you,

Ps. They ALL grow to quickly!

Christabelle said...

You are right! It does go quick! I love the pics of your little ones. They are so sweet.

Kimberly said...

Blinking with you! Just yesterday Michael took his first steps. Today, a race toward manhood! Lord only knows what tomorrow will bring! Your family is beautiful! Kimberly B.

J said...

No, I'll leave that to the Lord. ;) I agree with you about the baby stage, I feel as if I cherish each moment with each new one a little more now that I have seen them is that possible I do not know! I cannot for one minute think I would not want another one of these...and another...Oh, how blessed are we Analene!

Momma Bug said...

Yes indeed Jenny, we are among women extremely blessed!

As to the gray, thankfully I COULD still count them if I wanted. I believe if I was vain enough to keep pulling them out, they would start coming in faster and faster just to cure me!
It is my crown right? So I intend to thank the Lord for having hair at all :-)

Kimberly, I don't like how fast the time is going, I really don't condone it!
Thank you for your kind words - we miss you guys:-) Hope the Lord is keeping you in the shadow of His wings.

Love you guys!