Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holding My Breath...

Yesterday it looked like we were embarking the sick train.
I have been diligently feeding the children GSE and extra vitamin C for the past few weeks, as well as Echinacea on and off.
I've been avoiding public places as much as possible, and making everyone use hand sanitizer like a mad woman! All in the pursuit of building our immune systems and trying to avoid the flu.

Yesterday Susanna was certainly sick, as was dad. I immediately ran out and bought more vit. C, vitamin D, Elderberry, Yarrow, Ecinacea; plus ingredients for chicken soup (lots of garlic), and some fruits and vegetables for eating raw.

After picking up a handful of movies and books at the library to complete my arsenal for quarantine, I arrived home (napless) to fix dinner, make that chicken soup, tuck the little Bugs into bed and brace myself for the onslaught.

I kept up my steam admirably if I do say so myself. The only thing I wanted to get to and didn't, was cleaning the toilets. Having to lean over a dirty toilet is just insulting!
Did I mention that we have an out of town guest who remains with us for a week? Great timing huh.
You are glad you changed your plans Jenny.
And I am glad we didn't come visit on Saturday Mrs. Smith! I know YOU didn't give it to us;-)


Would you believe that everyone SLEPT through the night and woke up perky? AND feverless?
No more sick ones today, and the ones who were sick yesterday are looking and feeling great today. (?)
Now, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I am treating everyone as though they are still sick today.
I am highly skeptical that it was a passing bug, or that we conquered it so quickly.
If we make it through the night again in good form, I will think about rejoicing!
You know what the Good Book says: Pride comes before a fall...
I'd hate to induce a lesson in humility because of premature gloating!

However, I will say that I am EXTREMELY grateful for the rest I got last night, and for the quiet day today. I really was geared up for the worst, and any one more day of good health we get, I praise the Lord for! He is so very generous to me.

It looks like we might have escaped the big bad bugs this time...

I'll let you know if otherwise.

Thanks for your prayers - Mom especially:-)



gramsie said...

I emailed before I saw your comments, Ana-Dear! So thankful you are all doing well today--will be praying that will continue!

Shauna said...

I pray good health continues for you. I'm getting a bit discouraged with bugs here. The girls finally seem to be doing better (after nearly three weeks of nightly vomiting - WHY does that always take place at night?!), but I have a fever again and seem to be getting worse =(.
Along those lines, I know you had some struggles with Carolina's weight and was wondering if you can give me any pointers? Hannah lost quite a bit of weight with these bugs and I want to help her add some back on, healthily. Her stomach still isn't tolerating fats of any kind well (I've tried avacado and whole yogurt), but hopefully I can add those back in soon.
Oh, and Heidi saw Carolina's picture and exclaimed, "Who is that? She is beautiful! I used to look like her when I was a baby, but now I all growed up. Please we go and see her so I can hold her?" There we have it, we need to get together - Carolina has a fan club here.

JENNIFER said...

I made a huge pot of chicken soup tonight and added a ton of garlic to it too. Glad everyone is feeling better. We will be sure to pray.

Mother Hen said...

Stay rested so you can deal with it if it hits!

beansntatersmama said...

I love your attitude. I always seem to expect the worst around here and am also very thankful when just one gets it or it doesn't last long. My prayers are with you that you all stay healthy.

JensMom said...

Oh Dearest Sister! I will be praying for you and yours!

Tracy :-)