Friday, November 6, 2009

What a privilege to be able to teach my children at home

Today we read the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew chapter 22, verses 1 through 14.

We talked about who the king represents, who the prince represents, the invited, those by the wayside, the man who wouldn't wear the wedding garment...
It was very edifying to me walking through that story at a slower pace than I normally do.

What a gracious patient king!
What royal robes that foolish man refused to accept.
What a banquet that must have been... WILL be!

I had the little Bugs water color their thoughts on that parable, and the boys were especially enthralled with the decadence and splendor they imagined in the kings palace.

They both really took their time drawing and painting their depictions.

Carolina gave it a go too (while giving Pippi Longstockings a run for her money).
It's an art getting her hair like this. Fix it just so the day before you want this effect. It's the sleeping on it overnight that achieves such... expression.

Zack drew the royal prince standing beside his throne behind the banquet table. On the table you will see some kind of soup, a plate of some special kind of fruit, and a loaf of bread.
Oh, and two red candles!

Clayton drew a guest at the feast.
He is behind his very own Peach cake holding a fork.
Life is good for those invited and CHOSEN to attend the wedding banquet of the Lamb!


2homeschool said...

Ah, sounds like such a great day.

One to thank the Lord for.


Love, H

Shauna said...

What a fun lesson, and one I'm sure they will remember!

gramsie said...

Wow! Zachary is really having a breakthrough with his drawing!!! When I saw his birthday card for Lina I was amazed, & now this! Yea for "letting go"! Clay's is wonderful too, but he has consistently been able to let the creativity flow. Thanks for sharing. What happened to Carolina?

Momma Bug said...

I assume you're referring to the rasberry on her nose and lip...

She tripped on the driveway out front and kissed the concrete.


gramsie said...

Oh! So sorry, Lina-Loo! Give that wounded little nose a kiss from Grams & Pops!

beansntatersmama said...

Beautiful!!!! I love it.