Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm A Real Mom Too.

I can't say if today was wonderful or hard. Can it be both?
It was wonderful! I really enjoyed my children - had to keep them pinned to their Math workbooks since, ahem, certain ones were rather distract-able today. But we got out some glue and beads and pine cones which made a mess I was proud of (because I'm kinda stingy about mess-making, so it proves we had fun - right?).
I also ordered some books today. Some school stuff for the little bugs (Olivia and Sue will be walking on clouds to possess their own Math workbooks!) and that was fun too!

But then there was the nap in which I dreamed not-nice things and didn't get any rest.
And the big heavy thing that fell over on Carolina and thankfully didn't kill her. THAT got me a little excited in a not-good way!
Top that off with a husband who's been out of town for five days, fifteen hours, and forty-four minutes, with three days and too many hours yet to go (but who's counting?).
Combined with being sleep-deprived, postpartum-emotional, missing my best friend, and you have the "hard" in an otherwise wonderful day.

So let the record show that it IS possible to have a wonderful day which starts off with a mug of whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled hot chocolate...
...and commences questionably hard when same mug of chocolate is liberally splashed upon clean shirt.

It may end well yet.

And for perking up the corners of a down-turned mouth, I give you Olivia with a song she composed herself.
You may find yourself singing along because the words are simple and the tune catchy:-)

I think it's called: "Jesus Is The One Who Made Us"
I'm not sure but I think it's a good guess (and Uncle Char, you're really going to like this!).



JENNIFER said...

We all have days like this.We have days were our learning is at an all time high but there is disorder and bickering, and someone always gets hurt. Apparently, they could even hurt their thumb! or... get stuck at the top of the slide!
Whip cream with a smidge of hot chocolate sounds like a yummy idea, unless of course you wear it. I suppose I could try that instead of the m&ms.

SarahJane said...

I think you might be right on that song title. So very cute :)
Miss you lots, but enjoy catching up on your blog. I may not often comment, but know that I am lurking frequently :) I know, I need to update my blog. It's been busy busy.
My Beck is a year on Thursday. I am in denial. Probably because he smaller at this age than the others were, and way more snuggly and low-key. There is no way he is a year...
love you!

princessmama said...

Analene, my boys are BEAMING at that adorable video :D Too cute.

princessmama said...

Now Joshua is in the bedroom singing it, LOL!

Charlie said...

Yup, That is a very clever performance indeed! It reminds me of a certain younger Sister of ours...
Keep up the good work Olivia!
Uncle Char

Diane said...

Tell Olivia Miss Diane LOVES her song. :) Thanks for sharing.

Glad you made it through your day. Amazing how so many things fit into one day isn't it? But with six wonderful blessings around you, just about anything is possible to fill your day I think.
Love you so much Lene.