Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take It From Me... (Reflections of a "Baby-of-the-family")

Little people give me an ear!
I have learned some things in my life that would behoove anyone small to heed. The world is a big place and unforgiving at times. Life is hard, but...
there are ways to make it work for ya.

They (my ever-loving family) think I'm a slow developer, but I know better.
I am number five in the order of birth, and I was listening that whole time in the womb before I made my person fully known. I decided long before I came out that the best mode of operation for success my world would be to play ignorant and see how much I could get my siblings to do for me. There are four big kids that adore me - I'd be a fool not to give them a little kindness back. Those of you with more than four "big kids" in your family are super-duper lucky!

So far my methods have been working out just peachy.
I make one little sound and have three people guessing what I want and handing me all kinds of great things:

"Carolina wants her blankie"

"Carolina wants her cup"

"Carolina wants to get out of bed"

You get the idea. I can get pretty much whatever I want with a little grunt and a compassionate soul in the vicinity. It's a game really, but try not to let on;-P

Oh - and use the eyes. It'll work for ya. Trust me.

The other method I often employ (and it goes well with the grunt) is the "cute" factor.

Being cute goes a long way and it's very important to exercise your cuteness to its fullest potential. I have found that what works extremely well is nodding the head to say yes, or shaking it to say no. It seems to get a lot more leverage than shouting that two letter word (I've been taking notes).
If you have a momma that fixes your hair with a bow, this can pull an extra advantage.

Any amount of cuteness will do though, it seems that family is fairly biased on this point.

I have put off learning to walk for 19 months now. It's a record I'm really proud of since my sister next up (#4) only made it to 15 and a half months! So no need to worry about what the doctor says. Go with what works for you. The longer you put it off, the more you get carried and held (a real plus when momma is so busy with all the demands of running such a full house).

Lately I have become concerned about the new baby to make his appearance. I'm pretty sure that when he arrives it will serve me better to be self-sufficient. I don't like the idea of those big kids ogling over #6 and not noticing me when I nod my cute little hair-bow.
What if I need something and can't get someone to serve me?

I have decided to take drastic action and learn to do a few things for myself - not too fast mind you; I still have four months before the next guy shows up, and I want to take every opportunity to be the baby.

You know... I have to admit, there are some really nice things about learning how to talk and get around...
and brush my teeth.
I think I may even learn to like it! I 'll let you know.

Besides, I realize that while I may lose my status as "baby" of the family, in September I will be joining the ranks of the "Big Kids!"

Now THAT's something to look forward to:-)


Lady Jess said...

C-u-ute! Hang in there, sweetie, you'll make it ;P

Jana said...

Oh my, Analene! I sure do enjoy your creative postings. And that little #5 of yours is adorable. Got to give her some credit...she works her cuteness quite well!

Diane said...

Oh Carolina! She sure does have it figured out doesn't she? It is great that she is getting more self-sufficient before Baby Bug #6 gets here. She is SOOOOO adorable!

2homeschool said...

Hmmm... was that "He" and "His" coincidental or did that ultra sound give something away?

Momma Bug said...

Heather, I have to call "him" something! ;-)
The ultrasound tech didn't even go "down there" since I didn't want to know, so she didn't see either. Besides, I have no practice with that sort of thing. I can barely decipher the baby's basic parts (arms, legs, feet, hands, head) in an ultrasound. I'm sure I wouldn't know what i was looking at unless told! :-)

How was your last couple days?
Love ya~

Mommy Reg said...

She is a cute one.

petersonclan said...

We almost always (OK- no almost about it) have less than two years between babies (18 and 14 months between the last ones) we have a "Little Baby" and a "Bigger Baby". By the time the third baby comes, the Bigger Baby is fine with not being a baby any more, and wants to be a big kid.

Mother Hen said...

Well, cute works! Slim was a late talker. Not a word until after his 2nd birthday. Not even Mama or no or pass the chicken, please. Nuthin'. Now (he's 9) he NEVER.SHUTS.UP. Tex did an experiment one time when Slim was explaining something to me. He picked Slim up, turned him upside down, and held him by the ankles. Boy didn't miss a beat, just kept explaining as though nothing odd was occurring. Crazy cowboy!
You know the saying. "We spend the first 2 years teaching them to walk and talk and the next 10 years teaching them to sit still and be quiet."

Momma Bug said...

A shred of truth there ;-P
I have never complained when the children have taken their time with walking!!
Once they can go, they GO!

Ashley said...

The cuteness factor almost always works! ;)

Faith Alterton said...

Aww, love that lavender bow!