Friday, May 20, 2011

Calypso Bulbosa

Getting outside our four walls there is a wealth of beauty to be observed
and studied, and recorded.
Good Nature Journal practice!


Courtney said...

Great pictures! I really like seeing the slightly dirty, little boys hand drawing the picture - so fun. Love you, Courtney

Momma Bug said...

You only say "slightly dirty" because it's a small picture of only part of his hand ;-D
It was more than a little dirty, but in all fairness, it might be stained into his skin at this point.
So maybe it wasn't that dirty after all?

SarahS said...

Love those fairy slippers. We've seen quite a few in our woods this spring.

We've been doing informal field journals for school this spring. Brannon is doing one on "Chicken Behavior" and Joshua's started with projects he's done, then became a math journal, now he's been having me write poetry that he dictates since we've been reading a book about how poems are created:) And we are all three each doing one on things in our yard-plants, birds, bugs etc.

It's been really fun:)

Pam... said...

What an artistic bent to your family. Very lovely renditions. Love your header. Enjoy every second of it.
God bless Analene. Cause her to get rest and completely heal. Restore her energy and continue to bless her home. Inspire her in her ministry with little ones. Provide for her needs and be her constant companion. Thank you for her posts which always inspire and bring joy.

Photo Momma said...

I had to do that when I was being homeschooled in MT :)

Momma Bug said...

Oh Pam, how I needed that. Thank you.

My children really are amazing with art implements (as are almost all children I think) but I need to keep giving them room to expand and grow.
I'm working on it:-)
Zachary is quite a realist. He used to say "Mom, I want to draw this dinosaur" and then he'd hand me a pencil and paper. HA! I'm no dinosaur drawer.
We had to make him draw his OWN pictures and follow through. He wanted them looking real!
I'll have to show some of his other work:-)
Clay is more folk-artsy and I love his bold use of color!
The girls are coming into their right too and it's been a delight to watch.
Well he tried drawing on my reclining chair just now. That's a new one for me - not exactly my favorite kind of art ;-D

Love you Pam,