Friday, May 27, 2011

Susanna Can Handle a Camera!

What a girl!  She's got quite an eye for a 6 year old.  Did I tell you she took that picture
of baby and me on the header?  It's so strange being in pictures these last couple years!

And then I had to snap a few myself - this little Bug is just so precious!

My week has gone so well after that Mocha Coconut.  HA!
I'm sure it's the prayers and the Lord's grace and that amazing fact that He loves me NOT according to
my own merit, but because He looks at me clothed in His Son's perfection.

I'm so grateful!


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Look at all the hair on that little one!! Oh my!

So glad to hear your week improved! Prayers for continued improvement...

Becca said...

I loved the new pictures.May God continue to help you Hope you all have a blessed weekend and enjoy all the kids! said...

your baby is sooo gorgous! oh goodness :-)

Cinnamon said...

I have read this same post a few times now. First I read it real quick. Then I had to get off the computer. So I went back and looked at the beautiful pictures. Your sweet Aloria --- my she is precious! And now I'm back.... :-) praying for you. Hoping you are resting. Praying you are healing well. Wishing I could come visit and chatter the afternoon away with you :-)

~hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon