Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm SO confused!!!

Where are Bryce's pajamas?

"Zack. Tell me where the capital letters are supposed to be in this sentence
and what punctuation should it end with."

"Where is capitalized, Bryce is capitalized, 
and it ends with a question mark" 
 says he.

Susanna pipes up  
"AND pajamas!  
Pajamas is capitalized because it is a name."

(silence and confusion as cogs turn)* * * * * *

Finally Olivia screws up her face, raises one eyebrow, and muses out loud:

"I wouldn't name someone Pajamas" 



Courtney said...

Oh this made me laugh out loud :D - too cute!

Jess said...

I've heard more unusual names - the joys of growing up in Hippy Central ;)

Sally said...

Hilarious! Miss those little ones!!

SarahS said...

Definitely a laugh out loud:D I LOVE kids, they are so fun!