Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's "That" week...

 ...The one where Adrenalin has left without a farewell and Tiredness catches up,
tackles me, and I get buried at the bottom of a dog pile.

I thought I was doing pretty good.  "That" week usually hits me at 3 weeks postpartum.
This time I made it to 4.

All of a sudden, emotions take the wheel, and brain takes the back seat.
It (my brain) doesn't even help give directions or answer critical questions as in:  
"Why am I standing in the pantry?"
"This diaper is dry.  I must have changed it twice and it's the other kid who's stinky.
What is WRONG with me?!!"

But then again.  It's not my brains fault I fuel it with only a couple hours of sleep at night.
And I DO know what's wrong with me.
It's "That" week.
"That" week occurs every 18 months more or less, and is of duration.  It won't last forever.

And I know what it is; can anticipate it's arrival. I recognize it when it crashes my party.
I have the advantage there because I've made a point to find ways of outsmarting Self Pity.

The very best one I know is to cuddle baby.
Or to watch my babies cuddle my baby!

To number the infinite blessings I enjoy - especially the holding of
a squishy, rosy cheeked, sleepy baby.
A baby who is healthy, and a warm nest to keep all my little chickens near.

Sometimes I continue to feel the way I feel.
But I know that it's just a passing feeling.
That with a little encouragement Truth (the Truth of God's mercy and grace poured out on my life)
will illuminate a way in which to go, and paint colors of vibrant hue on my circumstantial canvas
banishing a gray deception.
Oh blessed victory!

"That" week is now on the countdown!


Pam... said...

oops. sorry. need to pray better for ya. (didn't the maid arrive?)ok, take a deep breath in. think of whatever is lovely, praiseworthy..let out the yucky thoughts. call mom? ask daddy for a nap?
ps.love your new pics on the sidebar.

Tracy said...

Oh Analene. Remembering those times, though they were so long ago. Praying that the Lord will revive your energy, give you at LEAST 4 hrs of sleep at a stretch, and that your children will "rise up and bless you".

Becca said...

Hi,my name is Rebekah and I just came across your blog and have been reading and reading it!!! First let me say you have a beautiful family.Take it easy and rest with the new one,enjoy them ,they grow up so fast! I am also a stay at home mom,wife and homeschool my four kids.I enjoy reading about other mothers who want to do the right things.I LOVE to email and write.So if you would be interested ,I would be glad to respond.My husband of 14 years has recently joined the army ,he is a nurse and is going to finish his degree while in the military,so hes gone away about all summer for training and I have time to write to people . I have put you on my favorites ,so I can keep up and enjoy reading your blog. May God Bless you and your family!
Your New Friend,

Cinnamon said...

{hugs} sweet friend. I visited you earlier in the day and read of your day. A squirming nursing baby prevented me from typing a coherent message at that moment but I prayed for you. That time you speak of last me all of two months with Rosie.
The laundry that everyone was telling me not to worry about was piling up and some were without clean undies a day or two.

The crying baby that just needed to be nursed, the toddler that needed "momma!", the cleanliness of the house getting worse and worse...oh sure I'll just sit in my room and take it easy :-/

How hard that is to do. But you are so right...the surest way to make it through is to hold that sweet baby. To enjoy the quietness of doing nothing but enjoying sweet moments.

Our dtr, Grace, said she would come right over to help you. She is much like her Mama :-)

I pray the Lord fills you with His peace and you can rest a bit more, have a bit more help and that the growing laundry pile is done by elves in the middle of the night:-)

hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon

Momma Bug said...

It is comments like yours that light up my day:-)
I would be delighted to write or email (when I can find two hands to do it at once) and if you'd like to leave an address here, I will delete it from the blog.
Are you thinking of blogging? I noticed you have a blogger account, but I would love to know more about your crew!
Thanks for taking time to leave me a note.


Becca said...
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