Sunday, May 15, 2011

Expanding the Playground

"I like that one mom!  It looks like an old logging picture."  says Clayton.

What we have here, is a couple men who don't do things by halves

and shouldn't be accused of under-building anything!

(more "logging" pictures)

You know what this is, right?
It's a labor of love.
(and maybe some fun that got a little carried away?)

I can't help but wonder who's fancy this will tickle and who might be deterred from visiting?
Just look at these faces though, and tell me it isn't worth it to live a little :-)

Fantabulous yes!
But not a little hair-raising for moms.

Dads, however, will be likely to approve.  
And "show" their offspring how to use it responsibly. 

It was a sunshiny weekend.  And inspired, apparently!  It's amazing what
energy is acquired felling a few trees:-)

 So now we're set.
 For now anyway.

I am so thankful for the men who put aside other important projects in order to
bless this momma and her children (and ALL other mommas and children who visit!).
Who went above and beyond the essentials. 

But really.

Who's surprised. :-D


SarahS said...

How lovely!! (and yes, hair-raising for the mamas. My boys say "Moms are worriers" lol)My boys will be Clamoring to come visit when they see this video (not that they aren't already :D)

Love you:)


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love it!! Every inch of it!! I showed my 13 yr old dtr and she said "we have to go visit!!" :-)

I agree those pictures look like old logger photos :-)


Mike & Roxie said...

Just how big does that man of yours think those kids will grow?
Mine always wants things so the kids won't outgrow them anytime soon,but he has yet to make anything that big...but then maybe it's just that the trees don't grow that tall here.

Shauna said...

Sorry 'Lene, that was me. Apparently I'm Mike and Roxie when I forget to sign back in after loaning my computer out.
Love you,Shauna

Pump Pro said...

Just wait until one of those pretty little girls or that boy (who will soon be strapping) bats her eyelashes at their daddy,
It will then be "game over" as they say ;-)
Or maybe just if momma smiles coyly!

Love you M&R