Wednesday, May 18, 2011


She may take after her momma.
I had (still have) freckles sprinkled across my face, though not nearly as cute as they once were.
Gramsie has called it the "Little Country Girl" look. It endeared her to me right away
and helped charm my way into her affections and heart.  A good thing since I wanted to marry her son!
Maybe this generation can have the "Little Mountain Girl" look?
I know I'm charmed!


Holly Days Closet said...

I always hated my freckles as a kid until I had a teacher tell me they were angel kisses from then on I felt blessed that I had them.

Sally said...

You still have that special place in my you Ana...

Momma Bug said...

Holly Days!

I wondered if you still stop by to visit :-)
Glad to see you!

Cinnamon said...


Sun kissed perfectly :-)

I am enjoying all the snippets of your day~

I sent you a letter...maybe you already got it?