Monday, May 30, 2011

Covelescing in Style (journaling Marvel Hill progress)

It was a weekend full of getting ready for visitors - my sis Molly and her family!
In the course of things, AJ sprained his ankle pretty good and has been hobbling around
on one good foot.

 Thankfully, he was able to think of a way to be useful...

and  convalesced in his excavator.

 It was miserable for him, but he managed to endure the day. (wink, wink) ;-D

We worked together to make our side yard functional
and lovely.  There was a lot of dirt and rocks involved,
and the children played nearby making it a truly perfect Idaho day!

 Zack and Clay were both inspired by our projects and worked super hard today.

I do love this picture :-)

And this boy was busy cleaning up everyone's apple cores.
By cleaning them up, I mean he ate every last piece of apple flesh.
Every.  Last.  Piece.

Really looking at that frog of hers. 


I was in constant awe today, marveling at all the shades of green on that far hillside!
This the view from our new "flat" spot on the hilly side-yard.

I am SO excited that there is now a place in which I can sit and visit,
watch children play, and sip coffee without praying for at least 3 legs of my
chair to touch dirt at once!

Tally-ho!  PROGRESS!!


Pam... said...

Do you rest in it?
Or does it always seem to be calling you to take on? Just wondering.

I ask ought of curiosity. I love the whole concept of the homestead life, but I also love the concept of a simplicity. Some say they agree with each other. Do you think they do? I suppose it's all in the attitude...and in the eye of the beholder. And I'm thinking you all rest in it and find the work lovely and the slow journey of it; content.
With my personality, I suppose I would always be waiting for that 'next thing' that needs to be done. I'm ashamed for admitting that.

Becca said...

Your alls home place looks so peaceful and pretty! I see how you could easily enjoy sitting outside with the children while sipping your coffee! If your boys are like my boys ,they love being outside with all the woods and nature and the frogs!Thats to funny,I took pictures last week of my four yr.old boy,playing with a frog he had found and loved!Hope you have a blessed day.

Sally said...

Thanks for photo-journaling for us, Ana! So fun to see the progress as you continue to shape Marvel Hill for living and entertaining! How comes the front yard project?