Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reveling... lots of reveling.

 The Spring has finally sprung here on our hill, and with it some nearly-summer kind of days.
2 weeks of  postpartum "aftershocks" and an additional week spent feeling like myself again
finds me in the most "ready-to-revel-in-every-marvelous-little-thing" mood this weekend!

Come peek at the marvels of Marvel Hill........................................

Treasure in a Tool Box

 Workin' boys

A girl and a hose... endless entertainment :-)

Thank you Lord, for sunshine and warm days for being outdoors!


Jaclyn Hicks said...

You look wonderful!! That little one is getting big! Have a most blessed weekend, and commence reveling...

Cinnamon said...

I love your new header picture. Your little Aloria is beautiful just like her Mama.

You and I wear our hair in the same twisted back style :-)

I laughed at the kiddos hammering with the lamps on their heads. Too funny and very familiar around here too.

Thank you for sharing the sunshine on your mountain~


SarahS said...

Lovely, lovely!! :)

LOVE the new banner pic too:)

Jess said...

Bryce is looking so much like his older brother! What is it about a new baby in the house that makes the next one up look so grown up all of a sudden? Your little girl is making me cluck. It's a good thing I'm pregnant!

Diane said...

I LOVE the new header, friend!

So glad you are getting some warm, summer days.

Hopefully we can catch up soon!


Pam... said...

To revel from Websters 1828...just cuz I'm that way: 1. To feast with loose and clamorous merriment; to carouse. You go girl!