Sunday, May 8, 2011

Please don't sit on the couch!

(at least look first)


Cinnamon said...

Analene ~ I got all your wonderful notes and loved reading every bit of them. Thank you for making me laugh and yes we are definitely KINDRED spirits :-)

What a funny post and picture. What is funny about it to me is that really does happen here too. I always have to be careful where I lay little Rosie just in case someone kerplunks where she is.

Aloria is growing so big. She looks so much older in these pictures and her hair is beautifully long and light.

Happy Mothers Day kindred spirit ♥


Julze said...

awww...sweet Aloria....She looks so cute lying there! LOL bout the title!

Courtney said...

These pictures are so adorable. She is beautiful! I can't believe how much hair she has ( mind you this is from me who usually has bald babies :) Too true about the title
Love you friend,

Pam... said...

She is the sweetest.
Yes, one does need to be careful where the baby is set! We ended up putting babies in a seat on the kitchen counter...the only safe spot where little feet wouldn't trod!
Love your pillows.

Shauna said...

Preciousness,'Lene, our God does amazing handiwork!

Momma Bug said...

I'm really afraid of how much this baby is going to blend in to the scenery :-D I need to pull out the bouncy chair and probably ask the Lord for a little extra bit of protection for her. Do you think her Angel will have to work extra hard?

Cinnamon - thank you. Think about what the Lord is doing in YOU for His glory today. Even in the midst of difficult things. Love!

Courtney! Yes. Hair.

Pam, Julze, Shauna, et all...
I love those pillows, but they may prove to be a hazard. We'll see ;-D

betty said...

She is so sweet; Es hermosa !! BICOS from Spain

Momma Bug said...


Thank you!!

J said...

That is one beee-uuuut-eee-ful girl! I love the age when they can just sleep on the couch. In the midst of noise. And the perspective on how small they are on that big old sofa.
Love to all,

Tiffany said...

Hello Lady! Congrats on your newest little one! Sorry it's so late coming! How fun to have another little girl in the house! We had our newest little boy on April 7th :) You have a beautiful family!