Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Cinnamon,

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words,

 but I doubt even the pictures will tell you just how grateful I am for your kind heart!

(For those who are in the dark, my lovely friend Cinnamon in Iowa mailed a party in not one
but THREE packages!)

Bryce inspected (and tried on) everything with careful deliberation :-)

Thank you my sweet friend!  I am still taking in every piece - each magazine that has
blessed my time of rest, and the box of much-appreciated diapers!!
Sue was so excited to "do Math" with connect the dots :-)  And as you can see,
Bryce put the shoes to use right away.
I would have to say that the "Toot-sie" rolls have been the biggest hit, and unfortunately for them,
the kids haven't been allowed to eat any yet, but the banks are just as good of fun, and as long
as one can count, and rattle, and shake up the "Toot-sies"... life is fine:-)

I love ya!


Cinnamon said...

I'm so glad they arrived safely!! Did your kiddos get the little chick to chirp by putting her flat on their palm? It's such a cute sound that I had to include it in there. I just knew one of your children would love to have a new pet :-)

I am so glad you are enjoying the magazines. They have encouraged me along the way and have just been sitting on my shelves.

How exciting the sandals fit little Bryce!!

I'm planning our next road trip to come see you!!!! God willing we will meet! :-)

hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon
p.s. LOVED the letter!Thank you!!!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I am trying to send you something as well. Will you email me your address?