Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The view over the end of my bed

 I've been so fortunate to rest a lot.  I have a greater value for the quick and complete
recovery that comes with taking it easy, and since AJ's mom, my "Mom-in-love"
has come to help out with the running of the household and loving on her grandies...
I am taking full advantage!

When I've been taking it easy from my bed - nursing, changing, kissing, and generally
playing with my "new toy" (as my Dearly Beloved calls her), I've not been in seclusion.
No indeed!  I've had lots of nice things to look at and enjoy
(notwithstanding the clean pile of clothes, which is its own cheering sight!).

Yikes!  This scary head came into the room growling!

And some Math recitation...

...which inevitably turns into distraction

The view gets closer and closer when visitors find out that Sister is awake and chatty.

Oh the wonder of it - this time in my place of rest!


Cinnamon said...

Hello Momma Bug :-) I am so happy to read that you are indeed resting. That you are not superwoman and trying to bounce right back. What a joy to have help. To have family that cares enough to come and help. You are so blessed.

I love your new "toy" :-) Precious, precious, precious!


Julze said...

I love that you are resting...if I could do my babies over again, I would DEFINITELY rest more :-)

That pic with the boys and little sister looking up and her big bro is soooo sweet!

BTW..I nearly always have a pile of washing at the end of my bed, hehe..

Rachel said...

Rest,rest, rest. That laundry will get done. Enjoy those sweet moments of cuddling and recitation on the bed and monster boxes walking in. Those days of a newborn are so precious and priceless.

Beautiful post.


outdoor.mom said...

your baby is SO BEAUTIFUL!! What a blessing!