Saturday, June 4, 2011

They Came! (to fall in love with our Idaho?)

My sis Molly arrived and brought with her that guy we love now as brother: her husband Uncle Nick.
The cherry on top of all this dessert, is sweet Cousin,
and she is a DOLLY!

We scrambled to get the fellas office removed from
our guest cabin, and just as the coach turned back into a pumpkin...
it all came together.

Now those guys work over the woodshed, but that is
a story for another day.

AJ and I had a romantic date just the two of us
plus baby Aloria.
And little buddy Bryce
(but it seemed like a small crowd, so it falls into
"date" category!)
We got breakfast together, then ran errands, followed
by the airport greeting of my sis and bro!

 The next morning it didn't take long for the Uncle to
be accosted discovered, and as we aunties looked out the window, this is what we saw:

It was a riveting game of Simon Says.
As you can see, the kids could hardly get all their chairs close enough!

Saturday we hit the farmers market together

And shopped till (some of us) dropped...

We "shopped" at all three shops we cared about which were all on the main drag, and all on the same block.
That would include the used book store, the pawn shop, and this one (my fave!)

(Molly liked it too, and some of the boys got dragged in as well)

Do not feel bad for the poor puppy-dogged eyed Uncle Charlie.
I didn't.
In fact I took my time, because the next stop was all about those two Uncles in the
above pic. 
It was a fishing stop.

But don't you feel bad for me and the Aunties; the babies and girlies either.

The view from our pic-nick was pretty spectacular!

And the company couldn't be beat!

There were lots of photo ops :-D

Little Cousin nibbling on a water bottle

When a fella takes a hike through the wild grass, he ought to bring his favorite survival item:

Earnest conversation





Welcome Auntie Molly and Uncle Nick!  Welcome cousin Lydia!

Welcome to our Idaho!


Courtney said...

It looks like you guys are having too much fun! I remember that store :) and I remember having a different crowd of guys looking pretty much the same :D Love you!
PS I will try calling tomorrow

Cinnamon said...

Analene - I *love* everything about this post!

First, that guest bedroom is beautiful. I love the writing over the door. You have officially inspired me~

Loved the pictures of the girlies. The one where two of your girlies are talking to one of the boys. One of the girls has her hand on her hip. Sooo cute how they learn that early :-)

I agree, that last shop would be my favorite too. If I ever make it out there you have to show it to me.

What a grand time you had. Full of sweet memories and lots of good conversation and maybe a mocha in there somewhere? hee hee

hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon

Momma Bug said...

Courtney, I can't help thinking for you when I'm in that store.
Cinnamon - Come visit and you, me, and Courtney can go while the big boys play with guns or something.
It will be fun!

Courtney said...

That sounds like a fabulous plan :)
I can't wait to see you again . . I guess Stephen has been talking to AJ about when. I would love to meet Cinnamon in person too :)
Love you friend

SarahS said...

Looks like sooo much fun:) LOVE all the lovely pictures!

JMB Ranch said...

I have been wanting to let you know how much I really love your guest room. It has givem me ideas for changes to my own guest room. I love the big bed and the bunks, also the corner shelves. You and your honey have and are doing such a fantastic job with your little piece of heaven on earth.