Friday, June 24, 2011

These are a few of my Favorite Things

~Sunshine and light.  Ah... a most favorite thing indeed.
Add to that a splash of color contributed by sweet Aloria and a pile o' tutus, 
and you've really got something!~

~Lupin robbed from the roadside adds brilliance to my windowsill...

....and table~

~Creations of clay made by small-ish hands~


~Babies that coordinate so nicely with my couch pillows~

~Mud that stays mostly on the OUTside of clothing 
- even if it perpetuates a Mt Everest size pile of dirty laundry~

~I love these tangled, windblown locks~

~I don't love combing through the snarls, 
but I love the freckles they compliment, and care-free spirit they represent~

~I love that my kids found a new use for an old toy~

 ~and that I can let go of things in exchange for
grabbing a zeal for life~

~It's one of my favorite things to watch my littlest boy
take in everything that my bigger boys are and do
and work so hard to be one of them~

~Miss Crazy Hair's hair is definitely one of my favorite things!~

~And last but not least:

I bought this sign at a time when I'd been living without most my worldly goods.
I like the idea, to simplify, and try to live by it~

~But by golly! It's hard to do with 9 of us sharing space~

However, please take note.

~If beans are a staple...
it's important for pop corn and S'mores to be right up there with 'em!~

Today I'm linking up with "finding Joy"
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Julze said...

What a wonderful blessing to have all see all that joy around you! I struugle to see that in my own world..
Thank you for sharing the joy in yours. (((hugs)))

Pam... said...

You are my hero. I love your blog. It's so homey and contently peacefully blissfully sweetness.

Love baby's hair. Love little boys toddlerdom/approaching manhood dom. Love that girl who looks just like our Carly girl. Love that silver ware bucket and your pillows. I'm in blog love! lol! (There. Did I make up for that dark fabric comment yet? lol!)

Is that tulle for the wedding you're making stuff for? I should so get some for the girls ballet lessons for tu-tus. Too too fun!

Cinnamon said...

I adore Miss Crazy Hair. She is so pink-a-bly cute and crazy :-)

What wonderful fluffy pillows you have. Makes your couch look extra cozy.

What a great bean, popcorn idea. Makes me think of an old timey candy shop how you can see what's inside the container. So pretty!

And your silverware...I love it! Now I'm thinking how I can incorporate that into my home to save space cause ya' always need more space right :-)

Rachel said...

First, I must tell you how much I appreciate and love your blog. There is a sweetness, a love of life, and joy found here.

I was truly blessed by your list of favorite things. The one that got me a bit teary was so simple, and yet beautiful -- babies that coordinate so nicely with my couch pillows -- so little and sweet.

Thank you for linking up. I WAS blessed.

finding joy

Diane said...

Ah, love the post! I especially LOVE the last pic of Bryce on the counter with the jar of staples (Chocolate and Mallows - my kind of girl!)

Love the simplify sign, still. I need to get one. :)


Charlotte said...

I loved the photo of the beans in the glass containers...and especially the tea cups inside, ready to be used as scoopers.

There is such joy in simplicity.

Chrysti said...

Love your glass jar with beans, popcorn and smores. I think I might get some glass jars for my counter in the near future.