Monday, June 20, 2011

He conquered!

He saw just what he had in mind
It practically had his name on it!
He went home and broke the bank
stuck the cash in a safe place (my wallet)
and we went back to the store.

We made a beeline for the hunting department
and with no hesitation whatsoever
he eagerly lifted the box from its place on the shelf.

At the register he set his purchase on the counter
proudly handed the woman his money
and with several smiles and encouraging exclamations from onlookers
he left that store a taller man.

If that were the end it would have been a good story,
But it's not.

That was one 34 dollars to make the squirrel population tremble!

Put behind that a "serious" hunter and you have 3 silenced chatter boxes
in two days.  So far ones been fried, ones been roasted on a spit, and
the third is promised to the Bar-BQ.
Daddy says he's about to outlaw hunting near the house or we'll never
see another squirrel without using binoculars!

It's pretty wonderful to see that smile though - worth 34 dollars
and every fuzzy little rodent he earns!


Courtney said...

What a guy! That is awesome. I love his proud smile.
Love ya

Jaclyn Hicks said...

I promise, I have a dozen pictures just like this of my husband growing up!!!

He looks like such a proud hunter!!!

Momma Bug said...

It must be a classic!
My brother too :-)

Shauna said...

Heidi says "wow" with a look of pure admiration. Her own gun has been at the top of her wish list for awhile, but we're making her wait a bit longer still. Doesn't stop her from telling Daddy to "bang" every squirrel she sees, though.

Way to go Zack!

Momma Bug said...

I think the first BB gun was a gift for the boys when they stopped sucking their fingers.
How old were they?... Um. I'm thinking they were 4 and three? something like that.
Do you know they come in PINK?
No kidding!
Each child is so very different as to their awareness and responsibility and conscience.
There is so much to learn.
There is so much to TEACH and what those things are is not always as cut and dried as I'd like them to be. *sigh*
Growing up is so hard... for me.

Cinnamon said...

That is a FANTASTIC boy day!!!

When we lived in the country, we gave our son a homemade hunting license. I even put his picture on it. I wrote rules on it. He had to sign it. At the bottom I wrote "this license can be revoked at any time" :-)

I still have it to this day~


Momma Bug said...

Cinnamon, you are so clever!

Sally said...

We sure love that glad to share his excitement over this big purchase1 Loved the picture--give that boy a hug and kiss from us!