Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Lake

It was our first family outing to the lake this summer.

We got to share it with two aunties, two uncles,
and all the cousins on momma's side.

We call it "ours" because it's nestled in the mountains with us.  

A neighbor owns it and maintains its use 
for those who love it.

We love it.

Kettle Corn and Camo and chubby fingers.

Uncle plays with his baby,
I play with my camera.

My own fishing career ended
when I hooked the best catch of my life!

I didn't realize this handsome catch would accumulate such darling interest :-)

Two lovely girls and a newly hatched dragonfly.

My "serious" fisherman.

This winter...

...He practiced casting out in the snow.

This one fishes too.

So far he's been one of the more successful sportsmen.

Seeing things for the first time.

Taking it ALL in.


Lily leaves may make a good lunch for a moose

but they make great sun parasols for tiny girls!

The smallest fisherman and his admirer.

Thinking deep thoughts about the next time.

"How I'm gonna hook the big one.
What he wants to eat.
Worms or grasshoppers.
Shore or boat.
Morning or evening."
It's a game of skill he's certain to win...

...a fella has to be smarter than the fish though!

Don't go anywhere O' lake of ours.
We'll soon be back.


Pam... said...

(Analene, don't read. Close your eyes.)
Dear family of Analene.
For Christmas please go in together and pay the expensive price of binding up all these lovely thoughts and photos into a book. If you do the Blog to Print: it does turn out lovely; but please don't skimp on the 'cost cutter' method. Then the expensive book of memories prints out of order. :(
She will never ask for it, or realize how beautiful the posts are, so please do this secretly for her! From an admirerer.

Ok. You can look now, Momma Bug.

Cinnamon said...

What a fun day soaking in the sunshine and being with family. I love all the photos. The little ones are so adorable looking on.

Serious fisherman? Is there any other kind? :-)

I love "your" lake....beautiful!


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Such a beautiful post and a beautiful family.....

SarahS said...

Lovely, lovely!! What great fun:) I love Bryce's fascination with the fish, and the little girls and their parasol:)

JMB Ranch said...

What a beautiful post, Analene. I love the sun sparkling on the water as the fishermen await thier catch. How are your tomato and pepper plants doing? Your place always looks so beautiful and green. You have a blessed family and home.