Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thinking-of-You

Some thoughts being sent to far-away Tasmania


I planted a couple seeds yesterday.  Zachary helped me hill the dirt; 

Carolina followed me and poked the seeds into the ground with a short stick.
Three hills of Amish Pumpkin, four hills with Goldenglo Watermelon, 
and four of zucchini which will probably be the most successful four hills 
and of which will bear the most wasted produce 
owing to only three of us liking zucchini.

Frankly I don't really care.  
I don't mind what grows as long as something grows, 
and I don't care if anyone eats its fruit because I will get nourishment
just from watching the process.

water, sun, 
sun, leaves, tendrils, 
water, sun, vine, blossom..... and on and on. 

IF it will be even that ambitious.
We picnicked in the old garden yesterday.  
Not the garden we fenced last year, 
but the remnants of somebodies work and love from an age gone by.

This particular garden is only some tangled Lilacs 
and a carpet of Lily of the Valley growing wild, 
most likely planted several generations ago 
when there was a sawmill and homestead down near the creek.

After our picnic I dug out a clump of Lily's and a piece of Lilac for Auntie Hannah. 
Despite my desire to garden 
and very meager attempts, 
Hannah  earns the title 
Green Thumb.  
I guess I can bear the title "Supplier of Green" 
or maybe 
"Green Thumb Facilitator"  
I'm known for liking green, it's just that I usually kill it.

Auntie Hannah promptly found a place 
to stick our green gift in the ground.  

That Lilac will be happy in her yard.

In Weather talk, we had several days of bright sun teasing us between cloud-cover.  
Then yesterday a full day of sun warmed the air enough to make us believe it's actually summer!  
At twilight AJ was invited (by our neighbors) to tear into the dirt road with his excavator.  
The idea was to "fix" a bad spot attempting to make the road less of a jolting ride.
Or maybe the idea was to appease the neighbors (It probably depends on who you ask).

Wouldn't you know it rained buckets later that night? 

I bet the road isn't "fixed".
I wonder if the neighbors are appeased?
Of course the forecast is for perfect sunshiny days the next two weeks straight.

Oh!  I want to tell you.  
Today I was standing over the stove 
making dinner 
and I had an epiphany: Convertible Sunroof on Kitchen.
That was it.
I'm so proud of myself; 

I had been feeling almost guilty for not having a want - 
a real, big, out-of-reach... want.  
But now I have one!
See, I'm often in the kitchen.  Too often.  
At least, it feels too often when it's still light outside and balmy.  And everyone else is still playing or working on projects where the summer air tickles the senses.  My senses aren't tickled by dinner chores these days.
So I was thinking, "Hm.  I don't really want an outdoor kitchen because sometimes it rains.  Or sometimes the mosquito's are too thick.
And I don't want to move all my cookery outside nosiree.  What I need is a Sunroof on my INdoor kitchen!  Then I could just push a button and zshhhhhhhhhh.... my roof folds up. Voila!
Summer air tickling the senses while I work in the familiarity of my own year-round kitchen!"
If I should need to cook a late dinner I could enjoy the stars, and I could close the roof if Lunch prep got too hot under the noonday sun. Also, if it started to rain I wouldn't have to run for shelter.
Yep.  I'm thinking a Convertible Kitchen. It'll be the next big thing! 


That's about it for today.  I think I did pretty good to have thoughts besides what's for dinner (seems to be a theme lately). There was some good heart growth that went on while I exercised patience and endurance today in a department I won't elaborate on.
I WILL say that I am humbled when I slow down enough to realize just how much grace the Lord has for me.
And endurance.
And patience.
All of a sudden it becomes easier to carry on, if you know what I mean.

He is good, and His favor great!
May His blessing be heaped up and overflowing in your moments today.


Love and a hug,

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wow! its so much fun that you are into the gardens and kitchen planning and planting and all :-) i can't wait to see your place someday!!

SarahS said...

Haha! Convertable kitchen, I love it :D