Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prayers and Nyquil

~Trying on a fish net~

Prayers and Nyquil are the combination I credit to nary a peep from my sick fish last night!
(In case you were wondering, "sick fish" is a family term coined by Zachary when he was 2 or so.
It was birthed in a game with aunties and uncles once upon a time, and 
we've continued it's use over the years when there are sickies in our house.)

My Courtney started praying for our family before I hit the hay, and I doused my children
right before sending them to bed (She is of the Race that knows Joseph, she is!)
I know that uncomfortable kiddos sharing a room and waking through
the night is a recipe for a long long night for me.  Sleep is good.
It's good for them.
It's good for me.
And HOW.

Today has been a restful day with drizzly rain outside, and chicken soup within.
Legos, and Andy Griffith, and rest.  Lots and lots of rest.

It's 5pm and the smell of bread fresh from the oven wafts up to where I repose
on my bed with a baby and 6 children-on-the-mend.
Dinner is all but served, and more Andy Griffith is shortly in store.
Days like this are rare.  And so is rest!
But I guess I hit the jackpot today :-)

6 comments: said...

oh i hope you get better soon!! Your pictures are all so beautiful. I love your house, property pics, rooms, and especially all the family ones. Every time I come here I just love seeing them all :-) You are an awesome blogger (and mama too)!!
Did you ever ask your husband about the time frame he needs to have the generator done in and also what is wrong with it? Kevin looked up the motor on it the other day. We've been gone alot and when we've been home he has been gone working on other peoples stuff. Sorry the guys haven't gotten connected yet.

Momma Bug said...

I'll ask AJ again friend. I don't think there's a hurry, but it would be good to know what he's thinking I'm sure.
We're on the mend I think, so date?
We two?

Cinnamon said...

{Oh dear Momma Bug} ~ I can just see you all snuggled up in bed with all your sickies. One day, not too far off, you will look back on these sick days and count them as priceless times.

We love Andy Griffith. Barney makes the entire show!

I was wondering, do you guys subscribe to Backwoods Home? We love the magazine as it covers how to do for yourself and homestead. Plus a zillion other things but that's the gist of it :-)

Glad you are all on the mend...praying for sunshine for you and your wonderful porch garden :-)


Momma Bug said...

Cinnamon, my children are sure it's the "Barney" show :-D
YES! We love Backwoods home and even ordered (and have been through) all the anthologies.
My sister and brother who are visiting are really enjoying being introduced to that one too. They live in the city, but just built a sweet little chicken coop for their 4 hen flock, and are becoming gardeners as well.
I hope we can live close by to them/them to us one of these days:-)

Thank you for your reminders. I need to slow down in a few areas that my children will be able to appreciate.


The Zimmerman Family said...

Aw, hope you all feel better soon! It's so rough when the little guys are down with a bug! (Sick fish ... love it! :D)


SarahS said...

Sorry to hear you are all sick, but so glad you are getting lots of rest and snuggles!