Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outwitting future regrets

"You have a beautiful family" he said turning all the way around in his seat to see us better.

We ate our deli sandwiches in a small corner of the store
completely absorbed in keeping 8 servings of turkey and tomato
from slipping out from between 16 halves of French Roll.
I adjusted Aloria nursing under a blanket in crook of my arm - the arm not occupied with my own lunch.

The dad of our family snatched a large bite while juggling between  two toddlers:
A bite for you.
A bite for her.
A bite for me.
a bite for you.
a bite for her.
a bite for me.

The performance was executed with the grace and ease of a trapeze artist.

He was the one working hard today, that man o' mine.

"Clay get me a napkin please."
"Zack fill these cups with water."
"Have a piece of chicken Sue?"
"Olie chew with your mouth closed."
"One more bite of potato?"
"Did you finish your sandwich?"
"How many have you had?"
"Please wipe your mouth.  And forehead.  And not with your sleeve... please."

Then there were the cookies.  The crowning glory to dinner-on-the-run with dad.
Pinwheels.  Chocolate covered marshmallows and crumbs.  At least that's a lot of what's left
when the frenzy is over.  Crumbs.  And chocolate covered fingers.
Even when I'm sitting right there, I'm never quite sure how chocolate ends up on the forehead?

I had to admit though, we were having a nice time and it was pretty peaceful.
For a circus.
And entertaining, I had to give the old gentleman that!
It was as complete a show as you could hope to have
without being charged admission.

He had come to that cozy deli in the corner for a bit of supper while his wife shopped for groceries
but he got his fill and then some.
I smiled to myself

"Yep..." he said.

" was the biggest mistake I ever made, 
not having more."


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Thank you....I needed this post. Such a grateful, kind attitude.

Momma Bug said...

Dear Jaclyn.
Thank YOU.

It's been an emotional, hard week for me. The kind of days that everyone has once in a while - some more often than others. My failures are staring me head-on and the weight of them is sometimes suffocating. It is a relief to know that the Lord only wants my heart.
My worship.
In all the moments - most especially the hard ones.
Remembering this is what helps me carry on.

I read your Father's day post and it brought back memories of the first baby that made me a mother.
Oh the ache!
And during the days and years after saying good bye to that sweet dream, I only could have imagined this day with 7 precious precious ones.
That is not how the Lord heals every broken heart, but I do know this: He makes all things beautiful in His time - however He chooses. And a life spent worshiping Him - pointing to His glory is a very sweet aroma to Him and also to all those surrounding us. he is faithful.

So in these days, the hard ones, I really want to focus on the lovely.
It is the true.

Love to you friend.

Pam... said...

Yes, whatever is true, honest, lovely, of virtue, and praise. We focus on those things. God helps us. He carries us, when we let him.

SarahS said...

Thank you for sharing. I love when our Heavenly Daddy blesses us with these moments that remind us how HE sees us. Lovely. And that remind us that others see the good in our lives even when we have difficutly believing it.

I needed this. Needed it this week, this day...

I love you friend! You DO have a lovely family and YOU are a lovely Momma!

The Zimmerman Family said...

Aw, that's so sad. And to think of all the people who told me today, during my first 3-hour grocery shopping trip with all three little ones, "Wow, two is all I could handle!"

The Zimmerman Family said...

I just put up a blog post on our blog, linking over to this post. I really enjoyed it! : )

Cinnamon said...

Analene~ {{hugs}} Praying God will send you a friend (close by), a smile, a peace, a material reminder that He knows your heart and loves you so much. You are such a dear friend!

I was wondering where you were. I have missed your bloggy posts and missed coming to visit.

I love the scene you described while eating. Such a beautiful testimony~

"God please give my friend Analene rest. Restore her soul. Scoop her up in Your arms so she feels You there with her and is encouraged. Thank you God"