Thursday, June 16, 2011

Worth Knowing








Pam... said...

Are you sure? I'm thinking if you ask him again, you may get an entirely new definition! Lol! Too funny. Gotta go to bed now. Night!

Momma Bug said...

Pam, in this case he was asking for AND eating them so it's a safe bet.
But I do love when one of my other children makes up some arbitrary definition for the guy who's new to English!
Good night friend :-)

Courtney said...

He is just too cute!!
I do love it when they translate for their siblings too . . . especially when it is a little baby and they rattle off a whole sentence that she must have said :D
Love you

Cinnamon said...

The world according to Bryce :-) Very very cute!

Love his camo outfit. I almost didn't see him there :-) hee hee


SarahS said...

So cute :) I love little guys and gals learning a whole language. It's quite the accomplishment, with lots of entertainment thrown in for us big folks :D