Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reclaiming a Sheet and a Sanity

Despite having enough chill to warrant a fire in the wood stove today,
I called Summer Vacation for me.

Putting the children to various tasks and projects, I proceeded to excavate the sewing machine
and a flat bed sheet I've been intending to turn into bloomers for he girls.

It was time for a little creative outlet.

I got one.

Threading the last piece of elastic through the fourth pair of shorts/bloomers while nursing Aloria,
I finished just in time for my models to dance a little jig before the evening was out.

It was very satisfying to accomplish a project in the same day I started it;
and to know it's loveliness would last for more than three hours (unlike a cleaned kitchen).

Sue did point out that Ellie's red hem is fabric from when we made Susanna a quilt 4 years ago.

So hopefully cousin wont climb into Susie's bunk
because we'll lose her.

She'll blend in perfectly with the bed coverings!


I feel much better.


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Oh wow....these are adorable! Wish we had some of that cooler weather here in Texas. In this house, we get up before dawn to work the farm, and then come inside til nighttime to work by moonlight. 110 degrees is far too hot to farm!

Hope you have a great day!

Pam... said...

Too cute. You are creative, brave and thrifty. One thing I would do differently...just saying, don't get mad at me. (I hate it when people get mad at me! Especially my young and sweet friend,Analene....)

Darker sheets! To buy and to re-use! Then when they play in the dirt, you don't see it! But you used what you had, and for that you deserve only praise!

Tracy said...

Absolutely adorable!! And you did all of those in one day??....I am in awe! There is something about the need to be creative, having that need fulfilled and one's spirit being lifted. Our precious Lord created us that way!! We serve an amazing God!! His love is never-ending! :-)

Momma Bug said...

Seriously? You're going to pick on my sheets? Hahaha!

Okay. That was a bad choice even for a sheet, but Ross makes a good deal hard to pass up.
Here's a fun fact for you which makes your point:
Hannah (my sis in law) and I made tutu's for all the girl cousins. We are hoping for the girls to wear them to my sister Emma's wedding in a month, and the bloomers are for underneath.
After that little jig they danced, I confiscated the bloomers until they could wear them "fresh white" next month with the tutu's.
Then they can dirt-ify them as much as they will
and the next set shall be Pam Approved!

You're a good sport and your advice well-to-be-heeded :-)

Love to you!

SarahS said...

Too cute:) Nate was looking over my shoulder and said "when we get the bedrooms done and clear out the downstairs room you'll probably have room for your sewing machine."

Yes. Well. One can dream :D (of ever getting a bedroom, LOL)

Cinnamon said...

Those are sooo cute!! I love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them~!! Did Aloria get some too? :-) hee hee

You are so creative! Do you have a pattern? I may have to dig my sewing machine out for these :-)

hugs~ Cinnamon

Momma Bug said...

Sarah - does a closet come with that dreamed-of bedroom? ;-)

Cinnamon, I did use a pattern, but it was only one piece -SO EASY-.
I'd like to make some for Aloria, but I'm thinking it might be more practical to put a little elastic in the legs because of how tiny she is. I doubt if the bloomers would look like much on her!

If I could sew four pairs in one day with all the usual interruptions I know you can!
Take pictures though and also take Pam's advice :-D

Pam... said...

Ok. I'm humbled! They are adorable. Now you can take the fitted sheets and make matching hats from the corners! Ha, ha!