Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snippets of Randomniosity (if there is such a thing)

This little Goldfinch of mine - sweet tiny morsel of a Carolina
caught this "butterfly" (moth, I think) all by her small self!
Oh the excitement when she netted it, and here it obliges even further by
posing for pictures on her hand.

I'm here to tell you, these were not the only two creatures caught by Buglett hands
on this day, but the snake didn't make it into pictures (I know you're disappointed Cinnamon).

Olivia is getting to be quite the critter catcher as well!

Clay sanding a handle he'd made for this butterfly net.

Bryce checks the functionality of baby's bouncy chair.
In style!

Some of the best brothers to me.
One by blood, one by marriage.
Two missing, and one to be added next month!
(and that's only my side)
It's not a bad thing to get more brothers when they're ones like these :-)

Here's the view of our porch again this time in spring.
AJ's making good progress clearing a meadow.  We'd like to see down to the creek (which we can now)
And see some of the wildlife that wanders through our property.
Additionally, the boys have begun to feel more comfortable hiking the terrain
when they can see the house through the woods.

And this is all that exists of our garden so far.  It's just barely past last frost here so the main garden is
not much to look at (though there are two cabbages that came up from last year, a couple spinach's,
a handful of borage seedlings.  There are also strawberries and garlic, and the lemon balm looks
very happy!), but...(and this is for you Brenda) we decided to try our tomatoes and peppers up on the porch where it's sunnier and much warmer.
It's an experiment.  We shall see.

Miss Crazy Hair (as we affectionately refer to her)

These last photos I leave you with probably deserve a post of their own,
but suffice it to say, this is what makes everything worth it.

And that's that for tonight.  My family decided to come down with the flu today
and the only exposure I can think of is all you blogging gals who've had it.
Can germs be shared over the Internet?
Awe shucks!  I can't blame you really.  It would be nice to have somebody to blame though :-)

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Courtney said...

Bryce is just so stinkin' cute! What a good brother! Praying you get better! Love you, Me