Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Don't Like Goodbyes.

Today marked the departing of my sister and brother.  
I wasn't able to sneak my niece out of their ever-watchful eyesight, 
otherwise I would have hid her until after they left.  
 She'd have made a superb addition 
to my growing collection of little girls!

Her mother is kind of selfish about it. 
I guess I can't blame her.

Dearest Molly,  you three are already missed. 
There is a hole here at Marvel Hill.  
We didn't know until you came and filled it, 
but when you left it was clear.

 I envy your sweet sweet spirit.
I watched you as you listened intently to my children
as you explained a thing to my boys
as you taught my girls to step like ballerinas
all while holding your baby girl in one arm.
You are a natural
at so many things.  So many things I am not.

I love to watch you do and be the things you are good at!
It's beautiful.

Don't you think we (our brother and we two) behaved ourselves
so well these days together?
We listened to and let each other talk
we had real, valuable, edifying conversation.
we laughed together and did not poke fun that was aimed to wound.
We really really enjoyed each other.
I couldn't help thinking:
"Wow. We're acting like adults. That's encouraging!"

But it's more that that.  
We've all made large investments of time and patience
to know each other as adults.

And while it's precious to be blood
it's priceless to be friends.

You chose your man well.  You are blessed.  He is wonderful.
We love him very much!

(waiting out a passing downpour)
Without him, without Hannah, without AJ
our vacation would have been something very different.
Now we are 6 siblings when we get together.
We are balanced by their strengths
tempered by their sense
completed in their love.

(some execution of Mad Science)

We are pretty fortunate.

And our children have cousins which is pretty special too.

LOTS of cousins.

There's no question we're blessed.

I sure do love you Molly!
You can't come again too soon for me, 
but until then
I'll shop for a nice piece of acreage 
in the valley where there's less chance of meeting a bear.

All my heart,

(photo courtesy of Molly's Nick)


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

This post was absolutely beautiful. It sounds like you and your sister have a great relationship. And talk about a gorgeous group of kids!!! I grew up with a bunch of cousins and it was a lot of fun. Now my kids are growing up with both of my sisters' children and it's very special. Thanks for the great photos!! : )

~ Wendy

Cinnamon said...

Thank you for sharing your heart. You have such a way of expressing yourself so plainly and so sweetly. I don't have any sisters, which is probably why I love my girlies so much.

Loved all the pictures~ Cinnamon

The Zimmerman Family said...

Love it! My own sister (she's 16) just left less than 2 weeks ago. : ( After 3 weeks together again, it was hard to see her go. Yes, sisters are precious!