Monday, September 29, 2008


There may not be any indoor plumbing, but there is now a wood stove in service!
I love the smell of a wood-burning stove:-) I love watching the dancing flames, and the warm glow of firelight. Especially reflected on faces.
I ALSO am very happy to enjoy going to bed in a cozy warm house at night when it's chilly and cold outside!

Yes, we are arrived at our glorious retreat!
Our green Idaho mountain home is now taking on a golden glow as the birch trees and ferns change into their Autumn attire.
I long to post pictures, but our internet connection is too slow for that - at least tonight, but let me paint a picture for your imagination:

Our house is now sealed up with a dark stain. The windows have been replaced and trimmed out with 6" rough cut wood.
The deck is done, and now boasts plenty of room for spreading out a tarp and train track ;-) addition to a table and camp stove, and left over space for a table and chairs.
Our kitchen counters and staircase are sealed up with a clear coat. They look great, but besides that they are now serviceable! I can set lots of stuff on them, and work from them, and sit on them...
and dream of them one day holding a sink!
Maybe a stove and oven too?

My boys immediately saw potential in the piles of wood scraps and junk.
Since yesterday they have built a little fort using two old mattresses for the West wall, and completing the inside with a vinyl floor! :-)
It was heard of one: "I think the Smith Boys are missing out!"

It is just too lovely to be inside during the day, so we took our reading out and enjoyed our Bible reading and hymns under the sky.
What a way to do school!
Only we had to stop every so often to watch a crested Jay bird steal birdseed off the porch!
He didn't seem to put off by our presence:-)

The Little Bugs Took a walk with me after we read together. I was completely amazed that they found a handful of Huckleberries left on one or two bushes! I couldn't believe they had lasted this late into the year, but not to worry - they're gone now!!!
Our walking was interrupted by various detours to examine a leaf, or unidentified berry.
I watched (and took pictures) as Zachary found a stick, and gave his full attention to whittling a spear. I reveled in seeing his face through the chartreuse leaves, intent upon his work.

Meanwhile, Susanna and Olivia found a damp patch of dirt to dig into with their fingers.
You know, fingers are the best diggers for small-scale work?
For Sue is was a little mound with a leaf stuck in the top, and Olivia is all about making pizza's and other edible things:-)
I'll have to put that interest to work in the kitchen before long - perhaps when there is a sink to wash those dirty finger in!

We are enjoying every minute, thankful for the endless opportunities for learning and playing.
AJ was even able to work from his mobile kitchen office today - IN HIS SWEATS!
Can you beat that?!!

Thank you to the Lord of all who has blessed us with abundantly more than we could ever dream possible!

All glory to Him,
Momma Bug


Ashley said...

It sounds lovely...


Diane said...

Sounds so wonderful Analene. So glad God has blessed you such a beautiful place!