Thursday, September 18, 2008

Take Heart dear Faithful!

How is it that the constant ebb and flow of our daily services at home are so regular that their true brilliance blinds us?
The thing we women spend weary tears on, is the very thing that is of lasting glory!

How we become sucked into self condemnation and self-pity because we don't "measure up".
To whom?
Do you really think that the beautiful pictures and refreshing words you read on one womans blog is the whole picture of her life?
I believe that it is a wise woman who chooses to dwell on the lovely and proclaim the worthy in her life - who uses her words to convey a heart of gratitude.
I am thankful that there are women dedicated to edifying their sisters. We need more of that.

It is likewise a real woman who occasionally exposes herself to critical scrutiny. It is not easy to be humbled, is it.
To let others into the uncleaned house, to witness the unruly times our children have - that is life!
We all live it.
Learn from the victories of wise women, and share the things that work for you.
Let us be transparent enough for there to be encouragement!
Take heart my dear friends! This is the narrow path, and you have escaped Apollyons kingdom.
He didn't like you when you were in his darkness, but a deserter is a stench even worse! Don't think he will idly stand by while you serve the Lord faithfully in your homes - changing diapers and providing clean clothes for your family is noble! Those are acts of service that shine brightly for the Lord's glory!

Let me tell you that even days in the fog can be used to glorify the Lord. He is faithful!
Carry on!

Excerpt from The Pilgrim's


"There is no prince that will thus lightly lose his subjects, neither will I as yet lose thee..."

"...I count that the Prince under whose banner now I stand, is able to absolve me; yea to pardon also what I did as to my compliance with thee.
And besides, O thou destroying Apollyon, to speak truth, I like His service, His wages, His servants, His government, His company, and country better than thine: and therefore leave off to persuade me further, I am His servant, and I will follow Him."


Diane said...

Wow. Nice post Analene. I needed that tonight. Thanks!

Love ya,

Photo Momma said...

What a great reminder- thank you.