Saturday, September 13, 2008


This... you may wonder, is Clayton with a bullet casing stuck (yes, stuck) on his tooth.I thought the tooth may come out with the casing - but not this time.

Susanna told me this evening that "you know if it's a Motel, if there's someone mowing out front"
and... "it's a Hotel, there's someone hoeing out front."

I did not know this before. I think she got her information from Clay, but who am I to argue?
It all sounds perfectly reasonable!
Don't you think?

A couple corny pictures of us goofing off in downtown Louisville:

Mom, these pictures are especially for you:
Guess who we saw? You probably already knew, since you have connections! ;-)
I thought you might like to see how this person is using their apartment balcony - things grow pretty well in this muggy climate!
I tried to get Emma and AJ to say "balmy" instead of "muggy"as I think that a much nicer term, but I have since decided that muggy is the best description, and there's nothing nice about it. (besides it's effects on plants maybe.)

Emma, was thrilled to hear that we were going to head for New York!
"I just wish we could see the Eiffel Tower" says she.
Uh... Em, we aren't planning on traveling THAT far! I think she meant the statue of liberty! :-)

We did, however have dinner tonight on the shore of Lake Erie in Erie Pennsylvania!

We are now in New York. We decided two days ago, "hey! why not go see Niagara Falls?!"
And so, Tomorrow! Lord willing.
There should be some things to show tomorrow assuming E and I can agree to share the laptop!

Love from the East!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

For as long as I have waited you didn't say much!! I LOVE your pics! Looks like an amazing trip!

Momma Bug said...

Okay Molly,
I'm sorry to have kept you in suspense so long.
Let me better explain:
You are such a lovely lady.
I love your vivacity and life!
I love your poses and willingness to have fun in front of a camera.
I don't think of myself as vain, but I'd like to be more willing to expose my quirkiness - not just the "say cheese" faces ;-)
You are a very fun sister!
I am proud to call you my friend:-)

I love you,

P.S. What are you doing up this late?!
Actually I'm three hours ahead, and I should climb into bed with all the other sane sleeping people!
I hope to see you soon?


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Diane is over keeping me company because Nick is on an over night trip for school...we headed out to get something to eat, and i was not done with my post. When we came back I finished with adding those pics and then for whatever reason all the other pics I had put up before were gone! Grr...I don't feel like posting them again though... =)
I hate when Nick is gone (and it is only over night!)

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

YIKES SIS!!!! Get some sleep!!!!! =)
It was nice to hear from you. Thanks!
(when you said that comment the way you did...I just thought..."gosh! What did I do? Did I embarrass myself and not even know it??"

Diane said...

I wish Molly and I were out there with you guys on the adventure! Looks like so much fun! need to go read "the church" on my blog and put in your thoughts...please!

Love ya much.

Anonymous said...

I love that goofy pic of you and Emma!
So you're Elizabeth Bennet? You ARE TOO attractive! :) I am Marianne Dashwood. I was terrified that I'd be Emma Woodhouse!. How did you and Ashley get that button to work? I couldn't figure it out. I probably can if I think hard enough. :)


Momma Bug said...

I am really-really-really proud of myself! I'm figuring out how to use the blogging tools!
I believe you copy the HTML code and then go to Page Elements, then Add Gadget, and then HTML/Java script.
After you click on that, paste your code in the place where it says Content.
That should do it. Let me know!

Love ya!