Thursday, September 25, 2008

I AM NOT Nowhere!!!

(As Emma would suggest. Heh-HEM!)

I am supposed to be packing once again for Idaho.

Yes, it does seem soon after having just arrived home from the last trip.
Honestly though, we didn't intend to stick around this long!
It turned out we all needed to regroup (which means: eat real food, sleep in our own beds, and catch up on laundry).
So here I sit at the computer typing, eating a cookie, and feeling a little bit like a child who is caught playing with toys when he is supposed to be napping :-}

To be perfectly fair, there are at least four significant piles growing in the living room, creating the effect that I have indeed been doing something productive this morning; combined with the fact that I AM MOM, and have actually caught real-live children playing with toys when they were supposed to be napping -TODAY!
Since they are now asleep (or getting better at pretending) I thought I'd grab that cookie and nibble away while I enjoy all the rest of you-all's blogs. The work will wait (it always does, in my experience)!!

All this to say...
I am NOT nowhere!
Although I am sitting at the computer spilling cookie crumbs in my keyboard, I AM SOMEWHERE between packing the Little Bugs clothes, and trying to figure out if the cough drops belong in the toiletries pile, or the first aid pile.

...Or maybe the food pile?


Maybe another cookie would help me decide :-)


Diane said...

Did you have a second cookie to help you decide? That is what I would have done! Sorry there was no new blog material on my blog for you to read. I want to blog, but need to upload current pics in order to blog what I want to. So I have avoided posting. Hopefully when u return from your trip there will be several adventures on my blog for you to read about!

How long are you going to Idaho?

Photo Momma said...

It took me hours just to pack for our 4 day trip to visit my sister! And I only have 2 babies to distract me :)

Momma Bug said...

Thanks gals!

I had that other cookie (or three) throughout the day!
I cleaned my keyboard out too:-)

We're leaving this morning...
I bleached the sink,refilled the m&m bowl for Uncle Wyatt, and Zack is vacuuming the living room.
I think we're ready!

Be back to Co. on a month more or less.


Andi said...

Food pile, definitely. Forgive me for being forgetful (I can barely remember my kids' names half the time!), but why are you going out to Idaho?

Angela said...

I've been reading your blog (due to my daughter's recommendation) for a while. I just wanted to say that it is lovely. Have fun in Idaho!