Monday, September 15, 2008


On the road - really and truly.
Sitting in the first back seat between Carolina and Zachary, listening to a Hercule Poirot mystery (The Big Four).

Thankfully the road is pretty straight.
I am wondering how long it will take for my stomach to rebel at my eyes viewing a jiggling computer screen rather than watching the scenery as any sane pair of eyes would be doing while driving!

It's just that it's getting hard to get to the computer before Emma!
I've dubbed her the "Blogger Hogger" and I think it fits;-)
If you are wanting more pictures of our adventures you must keep your eyes on her blog, as we rarely post the same pictures.
That's another matter... sharing the camera.
Camera doesn't rhyme with hogger but if it did........

Here's a highlight in my day:
Clayton pointed out an "ordinary" today, and with some exercising of my little grey cells, I finally deduced him to mean "cemetery".

Context makes a big difference :-)

Signing off until I can get my hot little hands on this thing to post more pictures!!
-Momma Bug


Diane said...

Momma Bug -

Yep. I do want Biblical answers. And, if you read the comments, I then posted a further question because lots of people were responding to widows. But I am really concerned about single women due to abandonment from husbands. The Bible is pretty specific about widows, but I am curious about single women aside from widows.

So, yes. Please talk to AJ and then post. Make sure to post it to the accidentally put your comment under my "at the library" post.

I may post a follow-up blog today so you could post under that if I do!

Love you Analene. Thanks!

Faith Alterton said...

Analene, Hercule Poirot is one of my favorites! Have you guys ever seen the movies with David Suchet? Love them!

And cute about Clayton's ordinary. They are interesting to visit.

Enjoy your trip!