Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reasons To Smile :-)


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

I love all your pics always...however...I do think that the one on the bottom may just be one of my FAVORITES!!!!
LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andi said...

Wow! Those are some GREAT reasons to smile! I particularly like the dandilion one :)

Diane said...

They are all cute. My favorite is the one of Sue and Zack. SO cute. Sue is getting so big!

Love ya,

Ashley said...

Whoa! Clay or Zack (can't figure out which one:) looks JUST like Ben in that picture with him and Susanna. Great pictures!

Momma Bug said...

That's Clay, Ahshley, and we agree that he looks incredibly like his Uncle Ben!
I enjoy seeing that resemblance - it's strong Fedorko genes, that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Sashy, that's Clay, and I don't think he looks a thing like Ben in that picture! I mean, he looks like Ben, but I don't think he looks like him in that pic. :-) Clay is WAY cuter than Ben :-)
Analene, beuatiful pictures! It reminds me that we don't have any recent group pics of us kids! Oops. My mom is not at all a shutterbug. That would be me. :-)
Love, Emmy

Momma Bug said...

I seeeeee....

Yes, I thought this might be about the cuteness of certain young bucks!
I think Clay is the cutest little boy ever, but I thought that about Ben too.
He's still pretty good looking, I think... but then I might be a little biased!
Thanks ladies!