Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lake Excursion

Grasshoppers, grasshoppers, and MORE GRASSHOPPERS!
Not quite as many as the plague perhaps, but still plenty of large brown jumpy things to keep the boys busy filling a bucket and dreaming of lake trout!

And we did make it to the lake this evening in expectation of a bath.
Everyone is scared to get close to one another for fear of being smelled:-)
I don't know, because we each smell as bad as the next. I think?
(At least that is what I'm telling myself!)

Back to the Lake...

The boys both stood on the dock (quite possibly more sane than those of us IN the water). Zack's pole was a pine bough he had cut, and he stuck one of those long-legged kicking grasshopper on the hook himself!
I was very amused to look out and see that Clay's bobber had a passenger;
The grasshopper attached to his line was wisely avoiding the fish by hitching a ride - on top:-)

I was so proud of myself for being the first one into the lake, but IT WAS COLD!
My legs got numb, I got one of those brain-freeze headaches (had to wash my hair), and comparatively speaking, the cool air outside actually felt warm!The water WAS COLD!
I kept reminding myself it was all worth it to get a little soap in the places where the sun don't shine - under the ol' hairy armpits to be specific, but wow was it cold. On the upside, my armpits aren't so hairy anymore:-)

No fish were caught this evening.
I don't think they ever knew Clay's grasshopper was out there to be had, and since Zack didn't get any nibbles within the first five minutes, he was content to call it a day - baiting the hook was the fun part anyway!
It was a successful venture all in all.
we big folks are feeling much more human after our frigid bath, the girls enjoyed sticking their toesies in the water, the boys their fishing experiment...

...And the Grasshoppers sang Hallelujah as they were returned to freedom!


Photo Momma said...

I got baptized in those freezing waters one year at a Father's Day picnic. I don't think the lakes every really warm up!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!
(changed photo)