Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Boys...

This is the proud face of a boy who saved a dollar here and a dollar there, and finally saved up enough dollars to buy a set of Lego's he had his eye on!

I am very proud of him:-)
Zack's last hard earned dollars came from pulling weeds next to the driveway - that was inspired by a not-very-nice letter from the HOA.
Gotta love the HOA!

Clayton pulled weeds out front too.
He actually earned more dollars than his brother, since he filled more boxes with weeds.
Did HE buy Legos?
Clayton gives away all his money.
He has a generous heart and takes pleasure in giving- so much so, that his money bank is empty but for a few coins.

Daddy and I decided to surprise Clayton with a gift.
A gift just because.
We decided that if you have a gift-giving little guy like Clay, he should be given gifts every now and again "just because".

Now we have two hardworking boys with big smiles!
See them grin?

I do love these fellas!


The Diane Story said...

That is so neat the Clayton has such a giving heart. He deserved that gift too. Those are some pretty detailed Lego jobs!

heidi said...

Jakub is looking at your boys and their creations with WIDE eyes. He loves his legos. He built the airport over Christmas. Isn't it amazing how our boys have such ease putting together these fun, intricate, creations. Now he builds some things using his own imagination or slightly alters a pre-designed lego creation. Those sharing moments are always smile-makers. Cheer On Mom!! You're raising great boys! ;o) Heidi

Suzanne said...

I love it! I need to remember to surprise Son# 2 like that- he is my generous one:)