Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Steps (er...) BITES!

One of my first memories feeding a baby like this was when my Auntie Barb let me feed my little cousin Ryan.

I felt so important and grown up!
I guess I was probably nine or ten years old, and was ever so careful as I scooped a tiny dab of baby food onto an even tinier baby spoon, and then into a tiny baby mouth.

I don't use those kind of spoons myself. It' takes too long to empty that tiny jar!

Aunt Barbara lavished praise on me for dong such a great job with those little bites, and that stuck with me all these years!

I have gotten much practice since then, but it is a real delight to see my dear little daughter learning the art. And she is not even nine yet!
Remembering Auntie Barbs words to me, I make sure to offer lots of praise:-)

Here are some fun pictures of my big helper feeding her sister!

Remember: "I am working myself out of a job!"


Faith Alterton said...

Great idea! John is five months and starting to reach for table food, so feeding time is looming. Meals are complicated with so many needing help with cutting, serving, passing, aren't they? And then they eat so fast too. Hmm. Fast eaters and spoon-feeding ... could be a winning combo!

Momma Bug said...

You make me laugh Faith!
Yes, I sometimes like to cut and serve everything before we even sit down to pray, just so I have a fair chance of eating at the same time as everyone else!
AJ does half the work, of course.
My friend Kelly cuts everyones chicken on the cutting board before serving.
That seems smart!

Love ya!

The Diane Story said...

I love feeding babies too! I fed Baby G a lot when she started eating so that Momma Reg got some time to eat herself!

Hope you are doing good. I miss you and we haven't even funny is that!? LOL.

Suzanne said...

Oh, how precious. Carolina's hair looks so soft in those photos, you just want to breathe it in.

Momma Bug said...

She probably had it recently washed.
that'll do it!

When it hasn't been (recently washed, that is) you don't have that same inclination!

Love you Suzanne - wish you were closer so we could share children!
Your's are looking pretty scrumptious these days too! ;-P