Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just a Little Camo... and Some Rocks!

When getting these guys together for picture taking, I had to lift up the hat on one to see who was underneath!

I still wouldn't count on getting it right in a pinch. They are hard enough to tell apart without matching clothes!

Mr. Smith picked up two miniature BDU's for my boys from the military post nearby.
They were a gift from Gramsie to my fellows so they could play boy-ish games with the Smith crew.
There are usually a lot of sticks involved I noticed, and rocks too.
Often LOTS of rocks!!

Speaking of rocks, these showed up on my desk yesterday just as seen here.
I think they're from Sue (and of course, they are beautiful!), but I have no idea where she had been stashing them since I don't think she went outside. Hmmm...

ALSO, I am not one given to muttering, but when I cleaned out the van today there might have been some muttering involved.
I didn't count an exact number, but I expect that I found the next possible site for a quary right under Clayton's seat!

Look on the bright side, it could have been something hard, heavy, and dirt-covered!
Oh wait...

(several somethings of that nature, to be precise!)


Faith Alterton said...

Too funny! Hey - we have that red book under the rocks too. Dangerous Book for Boys is just full of fun ideas!

Ashley said...

Cool outfits! Jake has that red book too.

~Ashley of Bowery Hollow

heidi said...

ooh it could have still been alive??? My boys would have loved to have joined them. Perfect attire. Perfect way to have fun.