Monday, September 22, 2008

New Toy!

I am a baby carrying fanatic - it's a fetish of mine I guess!
The really weird thing is that I have only tried a few carriers, and even with those, my back is pretty sorry after wearing the baby long.

This beauty was a gift from a dear sweet lady at church!

She saw I had a baby, and generously offered to give me a brand new sling (and directions) she had been storing.
As for trying something new, the price was right!
Today was my first time to try it, and Carolina seemed to give it her stamp of approval.
She's pretty happy as long as I have her attached to me any ol' way - usually that's the "carrier-free left-hip" method!
And let me tell you - I have that one down!!!

My favorite part about this new sling is the two tiny matching ones my girls received :-)
Sue has to wait until her birthday this weekend...

but Olivia got hers today!

I think she grew two inches taller with pride, and she wore this thing all day long!
It was the most heart-warming thing ever!

On a side note, Sue doesn't know hers is on it's way in a couple days, so today she was not a happy camper!
We had a long day learning what it means to think of others, and to be grateful for what we have!
It's a hard lesson even for old folks - this false idea of entitlement - so I think it's preferable to learn it at the tender age of "almost-four" ;-)

Thank the Lord it's a new day tomorrow, and thank the Lord that today was not her birthday! She has a few days left before then to become a little more humble, and hopefully because of that she'll enjoy the privilege of the gifts she receives that day:-)

(And I can't wait for all three of us mommies to be carrying our babies together!)


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...


Diane said...

Purple...My favorite color! That looks like a very nice sling.

So, two things. First...when I first read the first sentence of that blog...I thought you were pregnant again. (it's late and I am tired so my mind is not thinking well and my eyes are not processing quickly)

And two: Man, you look like Molly in that first picture...or Molly looks like you...anyhow. Love the pictures!

Thanks for sharing the fun. You will have to post pics of Sue and her sling this weekend!

Andi said...

It's so precious when little girls get to play "Mommy!" I love watching them when they think I'm not paying attention. Although, it's not so great when I see them mimicking my faults! Have fun with your little mommies!

Anonymous said...

I love that sling!
Do you have an ergobaby carrier? They're great, too. We want to get a sling so that WIll can face outwards.
Carolina looks quite comfy!

Ashley said...

Oh, Livia looks so proud! And cute! I love wearing Sam in our Ergo or Sleepy Wrap. And, on my hip, where he has spent many a happy hour! :)