Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On Pleasure Bent Again!

This is the first time I've ventured further East than Colorado, and it's true there's a lot of empty land after you leave Colorado coming this direction, but at least it's not desert!

First stop was near Springfield Missouri to visit new friends of ours who are homestead-ing and planting a church.
We had a wonderful time

seeing their new place, getting to view the Ozark countryside, and spending a rich time of fellowship with other like-minded believers!

One thing we really noticed is that things grow well out here...
...which includes bugs:

Zachary loves the "lush and green", and all the children had the time of their lives with friends, baby goats, grasshoppers, frogs, crickets, chicks, and kittens.

The Mountain Church is a family integrated church thriving in Colorado, and now quickly flourishing in Missouri. There are about about nine families already but as you can see, it appears to be a larger number due to the quantity of children!

It was a sight to behold watching the children of nine families fill a gymnasium! It was busy there!!
My children had a ball:-)

Before we left Missouri we drove through some Amish neighborhoods and really enjoyed seeing a glimpse into the their way of life.

Make sure you check Emma's blog in a few days to see what she posts about this - it really interested her so she's doing a little research to find out more about these interesting people.

We made it to Kentucky two days ago - another 1400 miles from our stay in Mo.
AJ has work here, and the rest of us are are attempting to navigate the city and find what's of significance to see (besides the Kentucky Derby and baseball). We're trying to do a little Internet research, but if you know of something amazing near Louisville drop me a line!

I'm off to play with the kiddos; enjoy YOUR day!


Ashley said...

Aw, that picture with you and your kiddos is so cute! Sounds like you and yours had a great time. Beautiful pictures, as always!

Ashley~of Bowery Hollow

Suzanne said...

Someone's been playing with the colors on her blog again:)

What a fun post this was! But even more fun to live, I bet. It looks like you are have a great time on the road and getting the most out of all of it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Blessings and love to all of you,

The Diane Story said...

Looks like you are having some great adventures! I've been missing you so I am glad you got time to give us an update!



Anonymous said...

Yes-yes, I am a chronic color-messer-wither!
I really like this color - especially with the changing season, but if you look at Emma's blog you'll see that she agrees with me!

I should have written a more interesting pots, but wanted to get pictures up.
That last few was the first morning we were here. E. spent the morning not feeling too well in the Hotel, so I took the children to Waffle House by myself - we had a really nice time together!
Sometimes it's not what you do, you know?
Actually that's usually the case;-)

Please look at Emma's blog for more fun pictures!

Love to you each:-)

Anonymous said...

I love your background color!!!! Thatis my all time favorite! The other is sky blue.
Wonderful pictures!
Did you notice that you commented as Emma, Analene?

heidi said...

What a grand time you all look like you're having. I know about the 9 family thing. Isn't that fun and especially when you're all like minded. Oh enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...these moments are but a flit before your precious!! love, Heidi

Ashley said...

Analene, in Petersburg KY, is the Answers In Genisis Creation Museum. I have heard it is REALLY GREAT. It would be about and hour and fourty-five mins. from Louisville. A long drive, but worth it I would think! You can get directions on mapquest, and learn more about the museum by googling "aig creation museum."

Anonymous said...

Please visit my blog! i have an important petition going!!! :)

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Hey Sis! Cute pictures!!! Love them!
Hey I wanted to know what you meant when you commented "you are a very confident woman to post some of those!" ?? I don't get it?
Love you

Momma Bug said...


I just enjoyed your goofing around, and in case you wondered...
You inspired the "confidence" fo me to post the silly ones in my most recent blog - me and Em?
Love you!!