Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pretty Pink Soap?

Our "bathroom" right now consists of a rent-a-potty parked out near the driveway.

It is the newest, cleanest, generally-nicest outhouse I've ever used (and I have some experience here), and there's a guy who comes to pump and clean it once a week which is the closest I've ever come to having a maid!

That being said...
As nice as I talk, as wonderful as it is to have someone else clean the loo for a change, and as truly thankful as I am not to be squatting over a hole in the ground,

It IS a rental toilet.

The part I thought you'd find humorous regards my sweet naive little daughter:

The first time we used our rented outhouse this Summer, Susanna was completely enamoured by the little "sink" in the outhouse, complete with small round PINK "bar of soap"!
I was horrified!
But had to be glad I was accompanying her so she didn't actually have a chance to use this sink and soap!!!
Apparently Hannah had the same experience with my niece Eleanor, so we mommas had a good laugh as we wiped our brow in relief!
That could have been a close call - GROSS!!!!!

Do y'all know what I'm referring to here?

The urinal and deodorizer.

Yuck really says it all, doesn't it?!

P.S. I know I used a lot of bold and italics, but I can't apologize.
I think this post deserves every italic and exclamation mark it got!

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Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

That is pretty funny! I have to confess I am glad you explained....I was thinking that there was probably worse things then a bar of soap that you did not buy yourself...lol...ANY WAAAAAAAY... lol