Saturday, March 8, 2008

Banana Split for Breakfast!

The girls went to Breakfast with Daddy, so Zachary came to me with this recipe he had created and asked if he could make it. I thought You'd enjoy seeing it, and besides, it turned out surprisingly (only surprising to me) good - you might want to try it yourself!

This is what his recipe says:

*Sliced in half, one banana
*1 bowl for the banana split
*A little bit of granola
*Just a little bit of sliced fruit
*A Tablespoon of sugar

Here's how the recipe actually played out:

*1 Banana sliced in half
*1 Apple diced or sliced
*About half cup of granola
*Cinnamon sprinkled on
*A dollup or two of whipped cream
*Another sprinkling of granola on top as a garnish

You see before you two happy cooks, but not nearly as happy as they were
digging in to this dillectable concoction!
(I will add that the cinnamon was a tasty touch - way to go Big Z!)

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2homeschool said...

Wow, that looks great! I love the writing too. So much fun.

Miss you guys lots!

Auntie ~H