Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pygmies in Colorado?

There were Pygmies here today. Little white-skinned ones running around in their underwear!
PYGMIES? Yeah. That's what I said too. I mean, I'm the only contact these children have with the outside world, and I don't remember anything about Pygmies!

There has been an all-consuming interest in dinosaurs in our home recently, and it turns out that something Daddy Bug read to Zack last week had reference to Pygmies who have spotted living dinosaurs. I was just glad to find out that Daddy was the instigator (albeit unwittingly) of the Pygmie fascination:-)

Apparently my son would love to get to know some pygmies so he can go on a dinosaur hunt with them. Dad said he would go, but further study illuminated that some of these dinosaurs are not affected by gun shot.
We are well aware that swords worked perfectly well for the Knights of old, but Zachary is a sensibly cautious fellow, and declared that he isn't interested in getting close enough to a dinosaur to kill it with a sword. Smart man!
Daddy Bug wonders where Zack got it into his head to KILL one anyway. Wouldn't it be enough to just SEE one of the magnificent beasts?

We actually found some Youtube video of pygmies playing some interesting instruments, and yodeling. However, when Zachary asked if we could type in "Pygmie with a Dinosaur"...

It would seem that the World Wide Web has it's limitations after all!!

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2homeschool said...

LOL, Oh, what a kick!