Saturday, March 15, 2008

Much Ado...

Did I mention that Daddy Bug has been out of town this week?
I have missed him terribly, and would say that it's been a long week, except that I had mile-long list of things to accomplish while he was gone, and hardly made a dent in it because it took the whole week just to keep up with regular chores!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

What I DID do, was complete Carolina's birth announcements and get them addressed and stamped. (They're still not mailed yet, and she's now four and a half months old, so don't get your hopes up!) (At least you know she was born!!)

I also called my brother and sister-in-law and enjoyed visiting with them for a spell - something that's hard to make time for, but I did it!

I bought and tried painting three more paint colors on the living room wall (that's in addition to the two I already ruled out!)
The sad thing, is that I don't seem to be any closer to a decision, and that scares me! What will Daddy Bug say to FIVE different colors of paint on the wall!!

Ummm... I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Come ON! I had to have gotten more done than that! ...Does laundry count?

Oh Yeah, the little Bugs and I went Birthday shopping for Olivia today! We were actually successful, AND after reading certain people's posts about frugal shopping, I took twenty dollars worth of "stuff" out of my cart at the check-out, and felt very pleased with myself!

Besides Birthday shopping today, we also went to the grocery store (I've never had the urge to keep a price list, before, but today I was sorry I didn't have a pen and pad with me! -Thanks a LOT!). Actually I was pretty glad not to be jotting down numbers, because I would have needed a third arm. I pushed one cart full of girls, while Zack followed behind me with the cart for groceries, while Clayton tried to simultaneously NOT step on my heels, and NOT get run over by Zachary at the same time!
Saturday is NOT the time to attempt this feat, if you are tempted. I wouldn't be surprised if we caused several wrecks because people were more busy watching our circus than where they were steering!
All in all I was very pleased with my children's performance (no pun intended - really.).

You can skip this paragraph if you want, but I'm putting it in here because of it's pertinence to mothers of many.
When we left the grocery store, three of us had to use the restroom - really bad! (Do I hear groans? Thank you.)
Several months ago the amazing Daddy of the Bug clan decided to get a hassock to keep in the van which has kitty litter, bags, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer in it. It is a MUST-HAVE I do tell you! We are so fortunate to have a Sprinter van which we can stand up in, so we can actually use this thing INSIDE the car, if you can believe it!
It is way easy to use, dispose of, and keep clean. I was hard to sell it to, but now I'm hooked! (And VERY thankful not to have to troop myself and five children into a yucky public bathroom stall. Assuming, of course, that we could all fit!)

Moving on to better things, we rewarded ourselves with lunch at Burger King, and were lucky enough to arrive seconds after an entire girls soccer team! Well. My children insisted they didn't mind waiting, and were great sports. So I would say it was a successful venture:-)

Did I get anything else done this week? Not much worthy of note, but I will say that this was the nicest day so far, and tomorrow will be even better because Daddy Bug will be coming home!
That's always the best!:-)


Suzanne said...

Well, I really do learn something new every day! I have never heard of a hassock before. The kitty litter threw me, I had to follow your link to get a look at this thing. How did they get past the "stage fright" of a van full of siblings keeping them company while they do their business? I have to hand it to you- you seem to have found a solution to a problem that plagues so many of us.

Look at you with the hyperlink thang going on! I am having fun with them too. Aren't we such experienced professional bloggers now? Your ribbing made me smile.


Momma Bug said...

Ha! I am getting a kick out of this hyperlink "thang"!
Glad you got to see that hassock. I can't take any credit though, it was all the Daddy who prides himself on "having the right tool for the job"!
What finally sold me, was potty stops between Ca and Co in the dead of winter - 7 degree temps and wind and snow. It WAS nice not to have to use rest stops!!!

We're not to the have-to-have-privacy stage yet, and the alternative at that point will be to "hold it"!

Yes... I AM beginning to feel rather experienced:-)