Thursday, March 20, 2008

Carolina and Friends

This little girl seldom gets the lime-light, so today...

Carolina Truth is fast approaching FIVE months! Eeek! Almost half a year already!

Some mean ol' bug bit her on the cheek while she was sleeping the other night- it has been a sore looking little cheeky, and if I find the culprit he will be one sorry bug!

Do you like the striped stockings? With a couple braids she could double for Pippi Longstocking:-)

As you can see, big brother is smitten (we all are, actually) and if either brother stops their play to talk to Miss 'Lina, she smiles and coos and expresses her complete devotion!

Do you know there are actually enough children to have a complete family when "playing house"?

I often hear, " Sue's the Momma, and Olie is the baby, and I'm the daddy, so YOU can be another baby if you want?"
It's delightful to see all of them enjoy one another. There are many days that we are WORKING HARD to ingrain that idea...
It's just nice to see a little good fruit once in a while:-)

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2homeschool said...

Oh, isn't that fun. Resently we have been milking cows and making hot dogs. Jonathan has actually been playing pretend... OF HIS OWN ACCORD! So nice.