Friday, March 21, 2008

Kindred Spirits? INDEED!!

So here are our new friends the Smiths! Yes, that really is their name:-)
Mrs Smith is a year younger than me, and her boys are 7, 5, 3, a little daughter 15 months, and baby due in September. Mr. Smith is in the army and will be deployed to Iraq again in May, until just before their baby is born.

The little Bugs and I had the pleasure of playing at their
house on Wed. and I was tickled to find a knife-throwing range in their basement! (No, as you might sensibly guess, two moms were not a recipe for five boys throwing knives - that will have to be for the Daddy's on another occasion!).

My boys were thrilled to play
outside with sticks and swords, they got to watch a... street sweeper (Oooooooh, Wowwww!), and I also really enjoyed some clever ingenuity as they hitched the toboggan to a bicycle and tried to.. ahem, pull it (with one straining all his muscles at the back end pushing!). I'm afraid it didn't want to move much, and while the general consensus was that "we need to hook up another bike", Mrs. Smith was a spoil-sport (did I mention that we seem to have a lot in common?!) and challenged them to try pulling only ONE GUY at a time!
The obvious problem with this solution was JUST WHO gets to be fi
I was impressed that all these fine fellows immediately threw out the idea as simply NOT GOING TO WORK. It was all at once or nothing at all, and THAT was the end of that.
We had such a great time it was hard to pry ourselves away in the end!

Thursday nights are our night of extending hospitality, and the Smiths were our guests this week.

It was great to meet Mr. Smith, and even more fun to watch he and Daddy Gug enjoy each other! We let Miss Olivia blow out Birthday candles, and then as Mr. Smith talked boy talk with Daddy, and we gals talked paint colors and home-schooling, all the rest of our tribes had a hay- day playing with lego's, and "house" (that was Susanna's contribution, which surprisingly, Brother #3 humored her by joining in).
I was absolutely amazed at the comradarie built between all the little ones - so much that they were literally in a heap at the end of the evening!!!

In s
ummation, I am thoroughly blessed by the Lord's gracious hand on us, that He has seen fit to give us a whole family to enjoy fellowship with!


The Diane Story said...

What a blessing to meet another family similar to yours to share life with. That is wonderful!

Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend!

2homeschool said...

Sniff, Sniff... I wish it were us! I am happy for you though!


Momma Bug said...

Beloved Super (Super-duper) Momma,
I wish you could have been here - you would have really enjoyed my new friend, and I would have been proud to show off an "old" one ;-)

No one could ever take your place, and if you ever come out for a visit, you will find you are already known here, and I think you will collect some new friends yourself:-)

I love you!!!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

TOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! lol =)
I am so excited to see them with friends of their own!!!