Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Training: Inside vs. Out

What is the heart condition?

I am not writing this blog for the instructing of anyone else, so much as for my own musings.

Lately I have been hashing over the "chores" subject, and how to get my Little Bugs on board with household help.
That has been a challenge (for various reasons), but that's NOTHING compared to the cultivating of a helpful spirit, or attitude!
My new friend Suzanne has offered some really practical wisdom in this area of chores: read "Scheduling Chores" and "A Spoonful of Sugar" at her blog http://thebeautyofitall-suzanne.blogspot.com/
Her thoughts and ideas get me excited that there's hope for our tribe!

Today however, I have decided to minor on the chores issue. I am battling a different enemy: one that has come against the spirit of camaraderie in our home.
Would you know what I'm speaking of if I mentioned bickering, tattling, and other antagonizing behavior? If not, please go visit someone else's site! This is a humbling post!!
So anyway, chores seem a little insignificant in sight of a greater issue - a heart condition.
Good days are good, and I always like to think that if we finally learn a lesson, it is learned.

However, unlike our math concepts and spelling words, dying to self is something that needs to be learned, taught, and modeled over and over again.
There is no room for complacency on this one!! I know we fight NOT against flesh and blood, so in solving this problem, I have decided to first face the issue as being a spiritual one. Even if the fallen flesh is blamable, O' how the Enemy of God would like to use it for our destruction!

Prayer. First and foremost prayer. Prayer for the souls of my children, prayer for wisdom for mom, prayer for a gentle spirit in training my little ones, and prayer for some creative practical application!

Game Plan:
*I'm going to give my children more projects to do together in teams.
*I'm going to keep them busy doing things for mom until they regard that as the norm rather than the exception.
*I will spend more time on drill (drill being a time of fun obedience practice. ie "come", "stop", "sit", "stand", etc.)
*Perhaps some rewards for excellent behavior are in order? I'm open for idea's on this one as long as it's not in the form of a bribe.
OKAY! I'm all excited now - ready to get to work!
Lord-willing, I will be able to tell you of a real difference sometime soon. Please pray for our family to have victory!

I will end on a positive note. Clayton offered prayer before lunch yesterday, and this is part of what he said...

"...And Lord, help us have fruit, and not be dead without fruit..."

Colossians 1:9-10
"For this cause we also, since the day we heard of it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God."

Thank You Almighty God, for your faithfulness to me!


2homeschool said...


Oh, I have lots to say. I know, when do I not? I don’t know if you have read my blog. So, I am going to assume not. If I say it twice, I guess it makes it that much more important. The lesson I am learning this week is “work is a blessing”. I can honestly say… I knew that but I didn’t UNDERSTAND that. Anyhow, I am LOVING my books by the Maxwell’s… You’re not ready for that, so I wont push it. However, I learned “Work is a blessing”. Keep that in mind, when talking to the kids, it is an attitude that is a learned attitude. “Work is a blessing.”… Have I said it enough? Ok, I will move on.

Practicality… You have MANY little ones all underfoot. You’re tired. You’re not getting much sleep. You have things you need to accomplish. You have an infant that makes you preoccupied during certain times during the day. So, please don’t be too hard on your self if the child training is slow going.

Next. Investments pay off. You may have to set aside some time for ‘how to’ training. How to, make a bed. How to, wash the window and put the Windex out of baby reach when you’re done. How to, clean a bathtub. Etc… So on and So forth. There is a book called “Manager of their chores” (titus2.com)… You could get. Gives ideas for age appropriate chores…

But for now,… Here is what I am doing and it is going well.

I am writing out a list at the breakfast table. If I were more organized I would have a list for each day of the week that was already pre printed, but I am not. Anyhow, I make a list for each child three and up. I put a box in front of each item I want them to do and I have them put an X in the box when they are done. I also try make new chores, or something they would need help with, in a time when others are doing something familiar. So, I am helping one child at a time. (I hope that made since). If they get stuck and I am not able to help, I just instruct them to move on to the next thing on their list until I can help. SO… Here is a sample list.

X 3 pages English.
X Clean Bathroom
X Wash mirror
X Empty Trash
X Wipe Counters
X 20 min outdoor time
X 2 pages Social Studies
X Read a book to your self
X Free time or make cookies with mom

X 3 pages English
X Wash all windows and mirrors in the house
X 20 min outdoor time
X 2 pages Math
X Read to Mommy
X Free time or make cookies with mommy

X Make your bed
X Brush your teeth
X 1 page letters
X Watch leap frog

I try to make the last thing something THEY want to do. Then when they are done I write out a new list for them. This allows them to work with less input from me and I am free to focus on the one child who needs help instead of having to help them transition from one activity to the next. Obviously J needs more help then most. I don’t discipline him when he doesn’t move on to the next thing without input from me. I have to be there for more of his chores then the older ones. But if I want him to work on his room I can put ‘help J clean his room’ on one of the older kids lists and ‘clean your room with A’ on J’s list… (for example)

Anyhow dearie,… I hope this helps. Love you lots and thinking of you. ~H

Momma Bug said...

Beloved Super Momma!

You are so practical (and brilliant) as usual!
Thank you for your thoughtful comment, I think there is lots here I can put to use.
As for the Maxwells books, keep me informed. You're always right (as I have been wont to learn:-)) so I would totally be interested in any helpful material you think of.

Have you read those blog posts by Suzanne? I have her link on my site, The Beauty of it All.
I think you'd appreciate her thoughts - go check it out!

I DID enjoy your blog regarding "Work is a Blessing", and you are 100% correct. I'm sure your lesson carries over into my own life.
I have lots to chew on.

Love you!

2homeschool said...

I have read two of Suzanne's blog and I added her to my favorites.

I am REALLY enjoying the Preparing son's book by the Maxwell’s, and I recommend it.

It is designed with the Dad's in mind, but I am gleaning a lot.

I have started my own lists. I am checking my stuff of as I accomplish it. However I have found I almost have to ‘be available’ if I want them to get their stuff done, which means I didn’t get much crossed off today. In fact, I haven’t had much time all day, if you can’t tell by my response time.

Do you know who baby Mia is? J’s sissy. Is sick. Could use your prayer. They have been open to suggestions, which I see as VERY good. She was hospitalized for two days. She is home now, but we tried to kindly make some suggestions on how to keep her from going back… She wasn’t drinking any water.

Now that I have said I am bossing someone else around. I didn’t mean to give you my lessons in life. Just trying to keep you out of the same pit falls as me. =-)

I do hope it helps practically. I have more to say, but I think I shall say it when I respond to your e-mail. Love you lots. ~H

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