Monday, March 17, 2008

My Birthday Girl!

This is my Birthday Girl - OLIVIA HONOR!
She is 2 today! She and sister wanted curlers in their hair last night, and this is the "do" they ended up with today:-)
I was pretty impressed that the curlers stayed in their hair all through the night!

Brother's were eager for Olivia to see her birthday treats - especially the Punch balloons;-)
Daddy Bug and I decided long ago that since we weren't going to make Christmas a gift exchanging time with our children, that we wanted to have each Birthday be a really special occasion. I made Olivia's apron last year when I was pregnant, and working on one for my niece Eleanor. Starting with Zachary, it has been a tradition for me to make an apron for the 2nd birthday. I don't know how long this tradition can last as we add more nieces and nephews, but I was glad to have planned ahead for Olivia. It's been a crazy last few months!

Speaking of which... it made the most sense to me NOT to attempt another sewing project two days before her birthday, so NO, I haven't gotten to touch those colorful fabrics yet.

One of Olivia's favorite gifts was the books she received. She is my book girl (and is also my hardest on books. Sigh...) but today she was in her glory " 'at Olie's" she kept saying which meant "this is my very own book... my VERY OWN!!!"
We will enjoy cake later in the week since today was a late work day for Daddy. We had the pleasure of sharing dinner together, but I wasn't prepared to serve four tired little Bugs SUGAR
right before putting them to bed! -I know... Spoil Sport! (but then, this post isn't labeled "call me crazy"!)
I have much, much , MUCH to be thankful for as I remember the birth of my precious daughter:-)
I love YOU Baby!!

You're My Favorite OLIVIA!!!


The Diane Story said...

Hey there friend. So now I am curious, what do you do on Christmas with the children?

Momma Bug said...

Dearest Diane,
We are still in the process of honing that in, but for the last few years we have committed to STAY HOME (too many obligations which made us crazy and forgetful of what we were celebrating).
There are actually quite a few people who don't celebrate Christmas at all, and for very good reasons, but AJ and I have grown up remembering it as Christ's Birthday and so that's how we choose to reflect on it.
Among the traditions that are yet evolving, are having our family out (a sort of open house, with no gift exchanging) making a special recipe (that uses about 3-5 lbs. 10 count prawns! - AJ's favorite splurge:-))
and baking a birthday cake for Jesus, as well as reading the story of Christ's birth.
We have found that we aren't able to have complete control over the Christmas season without alienating some family, so instead we take this one day and devote it entirely to praising God for the gracious gift of his Son!

Suzanne said...

How precious! What a smile she has!
I love the apron idea. I need to make some for mine. Did you find a pattern, or make your own?


Momma Bug said...

I "designed" this little apron pattern, but don't be deceived - it was out of laziness. I thought it would be easier than following directions (ugh!)!
You know, aprons are pretty basic and I did make one recently for someone (Faith and Hanna's newly married sister, in fact)which I coppied from my own favorite apron I use at home.

Let me know if you find one you love! (Those retro patterns are pretty cute!)

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Sorry I meant to call...I have this special Bday in my planner...of course! But I am in Vegas right now all week for a photography conference and it makes you loose track of time...I can not wait to get home to my Man and to GREEN CHICO! I miss you all and WISH I COULD HUG little Olie!!!! I LOVE YOU OLIVIA!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!