Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Colors!

Fried Egg Friday today! We had a special day reading about Dinosaurs in the new books Daddy Bug ordered from Kent Hovind's site. We also made a T-Rex and an Iguanadon out of modeling clay, but the boys destroyed their creations before I could get a picture! Oh well. There will probably be more - what do YOU think?

THIS is my spring color! Not exactly what you might expect, but it's about as much color as I can find around here at this time of year. I plan(ned) to make something for Olivia's Birthday, and haven't got to the actual sewing project yet, but had fun sorting the fabric!
I am new to using a digital camera and getting really hooked. My beloved, the Daddy Bug, is not pro digital camera in general, but he researched them and bought the top-of-the-line for me when we decided to move away from our dear family. That is why my posts are mostly full of pictures. What a great way to keep in touch! (I doubt that this picture of fabric will give the grama's the warm fuzzy's - so for YOU, Grama's, there're a couple more at the bottom!) Hugs from me and the little Bugs:-


2homeschool said...


Oh, Lene, Colors, Colors, COLORS! I love it!!! I can’t wait to see what you make.

I am sitting down to watch Pride and Prejudice,… THINKING of YOU.

I am nursing a gut ache. I am thinking some maple syrup cookies and milk might help ;-) YES! I am still eating maple syrup cookies. I made four batches in a row and despite the fact that I am getting a tad wee itty bit,.. well they are just plain, all out, starting to taste like saw dust! I can’t bring my self to make something else until they are gone.

Well, my dear, I finished downsizing my clothes…Are you ready for this? THREE LARGE KITCHEN BAGS of MY clothes that I am tossing out. I can’t believe how long I put up with all of it.

Young Marines… Went really well. I loved it but had some concerns. Don’t feel up for writing it all out tonight. Biggest concern for me what the conversations had by the kids during the few minutes of unstructured time. Not bad mind you, but nothing of value. Parents are welcome to stay but I did four hours with two babies who had NO NAP!!! I don’t know how often I could do that and S works… Point being, still no decision.

Love You! ~H

2homeschool said...

Hummm... I don't know, i like them all. If it were me I would probably make one honey comb shape from each color set and them put all the honey combs together.... If forced to pick, I think I liked the greens best as far as combination, but if it were for me,... I don't really have those shades in my house. Remember I have "sea foum green"... Purples are good, pastels are good. Just think 'cool' colors, I think is the term.

Love, H